You won’t believe my morning

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You won’t believe my morning

You won’t believe my morning.

I went out on my new daily excursion walking the dog (Gino) who we’re house sitting while my girlfriend’s nephew is on his honeymoon. Normally, I spend the time walking the dog and diddling around with my cell phone, but I forgot to bring my phone this morning, so I just looked around.

As I was taking in the emptiness of the street, because of the rain, a little glint caught my eye in a patch of dirt near the sidewalk. I bent over to look closer, and there was the glint again. It wasn’t a normal glint like from a shiny piece of metal—it was a little pinprick like a flashing light.

Intrigued, I was now on all fours looking closer. And I saw the most surreal thing. It was someone’s gem stone ring. As I picked up the gem stone ring and cleaning the dirt off, a female approached me with tears in her eyes, her head was in a downward protectory as she was searching for something. After our brief encounter, I told her I found her ring, she thanked me profusely and told me he mother gave her the ring before she passed away. She told me she thought she would never find this gem stone ring again.

A Boston condo buyer story

In a similar, yet much different story. I have a client who was searching for a Boston condo for sale priced under $500,000, he thought he missed his window of opportunity with interest rates on the rise. To make a long story short I found him a property in the neighborhood he was looking for.

The moral of both stories, never give up hope on what you’re searching for because you never know who can help you find the gem you’re looking for.

Boston condos for sale and the bottom line

Even though Boston condo listing prices are high, there are some gem condos priced under $500,000.

For more information on Boston condos for sale prices please feel free to call me at 617-720-5454 or email at

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