With His Days As Speaker Seeming Numbered, Kevin McCarthy Dives Headfirst Into Harebrained Biden Impeachment Scheme

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy is demanding that the US Attorney who prosecuted Hunter Biden testify before the Senate Judiciary and said that his answers could be used as part of a Biden impeachment investigation.

McCarthy tweeted:

We need to get to the facts, and that includes reconciling these clear disparities. U.S. Attorney David Weiss must provide answers to the House Judiciary Committee.

If the whistleblowers’ allegations are true, this will be a significant part of a larger impeachment inquiry into… https://t.co/Q3LLeJhW85

— Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) June 25, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is trying to save his job. The MAGA part of the House Republican caucus is demanding Biden impeachment. McCarthy can get on board, get out of the way, or get the boot. Speaker McCarthy has chosen to get on board.

No matter what happens, it is looking likely that by January 2025, Hakeem Jeffries will be Speaker of the House, and Kevin McCarthy will be back to being minority leader, or maybe House Republicans will move on to someone else.

The impeachment scheme that is being cooked up by the House GOP is a harebrained effort that is based on Russian disinformation.

It is not going to help Trump, get them any mainstream attention, and Biden impeachment will likely backfire.

President Biden is not Donald Trump. The former president basks in criminality and bathes in wrongdoing. Republicans are trying to fit a scandal in a man who has been in public life for more than half a century and has never had a hint of corruption around him.

Biden impeachment is a really bad idea from a strategic point of view, and it fails, it will only add to the GOP’s building 2024 avalanche of disaster.

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