Winners and losers from the 2022 trade deadline

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This trade deadline was very active. There might not have been a lot of big named players being moved, but lots of teams made moves. Some of those teams got better, some of those got worse, and some didn’t change.

Here’s a look at every team and grade for their moves.

Anaheim Ducks: A

The Ducks made the right moves moving on from Hampus Lindholm, Richard Rakell, Josh Manson, and Nicolas Deslauriers and got plenty of picks and a few prospects out of it. The Ducks have finally committed to rebuild mode and rightfully so.

Arizona Coyotes: C

The Coyotes really didn’t get better or worse. They have been in rebuild mode for a while and have stacked on picks fo the next couple years.

Boston Bruins: B

I love the Bruins going out and bolstering the blue line getting Hampus Lindholm from the Ducks. The organization doesn’t already have a great prospect pool, but they are in win now mode so it was a solid move. Most people thought Jake DeBrusk would be on the move, but obviously they didn’t get the trade they wanted, so the re-signed him, hoping to trade him by the start of next season.

Buffalo Sabres: C

Sabres only made one trade at the deadline and that was sending Robert Hagg to the Florida Panthers for a 6th round pick. They already made their big move by shipping out Jack Eichel.

Calgary Flames: A

If you remember from one of my recent post, I have them making it to the Stanley Cup final. They are essentially going all in to win this year. They already got Toffoli earlier in the year, and now they added Calle Jarnkrok and Ryan Carpenter. They are a deep team.

Carolina Hurricanes: B

Carolina bolstered their forwards and went out and got Max Domi from the Columbus Blue Jackets. I like this move and they got better at the end of the day.

Chicago Blackhawks: A

The got 3 first round picks out of Hagel and Fleury. They got tremendous value for them and also got other picks out of others deals. No sense holding onto to certain guys when they know they aren’t going to do much this season. Solid moves overall.

Colorado Avalanche: A

Colorado added depth to the squad getting Lehkonen, Manson, Sturm, and Cogliano. Loves these moves for them as there are bolstering up to finally get over the bump in the playoffs.

Columbus Blue Jackets: C

The team really didn’t get better or worse. Giving up Domi isn’t great, but they are in rebuild mode and lot of the young guys are playing well and kept adding to the future.

Dallas Stars: C

The Stars made a few moves, but nothing crazy. Added goalie and forward depth, but they didn’t get any better or worse. Cant really make any moves when you are a borderline playoff team. Pavelski and Klingberg names were thrown out there, but they decided to keep both.

Detroit Red Wings: B

Another team that is in rebuild mode, gave out a few veterans for picks. Stevie Y is building for the future and the moves he made just added to it.

Edmonton Oilers: B

This might have been Edmonton’s best trade deadline in a while. They didn’t make any flashy deals, but they added depth to a team that needs it. Adding Brett Kulak helps out their blue line.

Florida Panthers: A

You could make an argument that the Panthers won the trade deadline. They added the biggest fish on the market in Claude Giroux. That was a great move, but they paid a lot for the defenseman giving up a lot of picks, but this is Florida’s time. I have them facing the Flames in the final. This team is good, they are deep, they are ready to win the Stanley Cup.

Los Angeles Kings: C

The Kings are in a great position. Many people believe they are overachieving this season, so they don’t really have to make any moves. They have one of/if not the best, prospect pools in the league and theres no sense of them giving one of them up, so they made a few moves, nothing crazy.

Minnesota Wild: A

Minnesota was very active and got another big fish on the market in Marc-André Fleury. That gives them a solid goalie for their run to the Stanley Cup. They also added some depth to their team. Overall had one of the best trade deadlines out of all the teams.

Montreal Canadians: A

I believe the Canadians had the best deadline out of every team. Gave up a lot of guys, but got really good prospects and picks out of it. The team really fell off the deep end since last season making the finals, but they did a good job and preparing for the future.

Nashville Predators: C

Their moves weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great either, but they added plenty of defenseman depth. The 3rd d-man pair has been a ? all season. Getting Lauzon is solid for depth, but for 2nd round pick is a hefty price.

New Jersey Devils: D

This was their opportunity to dump PK Subban’s contract, but instead decided to keep him. Made a minor trade so obviously didn’t get any better, but they could have done better than this.

New York Islanders: D 

The Islanders didn’t make any moves other than extending both Praise and Clutterbuck to bigger contracts. I feel like they could have dumped somebody contract off or even trade Chara, but they decided to stay put.

New York Rangers: B

The Rangers were very active going out and getting multiple players adding depth to an already dangerous team.  They gave up a lot of picks, but I think their in a great position to make a good run this season.

Ottawa Senators: D

Ottawa made a lot of head scratching decisions. Getting rid of Nick Paul, and adding on contracts to a young team. The Senators should have stuck to the script and not sell anything or sell pieces for draft picks.

Philadelphia Flyers: D

The Flyers are just in bad shape. Adding players in the off-season and playing really bad in the season.Getting rid of your captain in Claude Giroux sucks, but it was the best decision for both side. I feel like they could have gotten a bigger haul, but it is what it is. Added some picks for the future, but overall just not great.

Pittsburgh Penguins: B

The Penguins adding Rakell is solid move. Adds scoring depth to a team that is still competing for a Stanley Cup with all of the core still there. Playing a tough decision, they had to make some type of move and this was a solid move.

San Jose Sharks: C

The Sharks are another disappointing season. This might been the season to to dump a lot of big contracts, but the decided to make minor moves, but adding goalie Kaapo Kahkonen was a decent move. He could be their goalie of the future.

Seattle Kraken: D

Outside getting the 2nd round pick from Nashville, the other trades were a little underwhelming. Not getting a 1st for Giordano blows, but still added picks for the future, but letting a lot of draft picks from the expansion draft go is a bad look for them.

St. Louis Blues: C

St. Louis made some moves, but nothing crazy. Adding Leddy to the blue line was solid move, but gave up a good haul for it. Overall, they got a little bit better, but they will still be an average team.

Tampa Bay Lightning: B

The big move was trading two 1st round picks, Taylor Raddysh, and Boris Katchouk for Brandon Hagel and two 4th round picks. Lot of people think its too much, but only time will tell. Adding him, Riley Nash, and Nick Paul, Tampa Bay got better looking to make it a 3-peat this year.

Toronto Maple Leafs: A

Toronto getting an A? Yes, Toronto had a good trade deadline adding depth to the blue line and forwards as well. Adding a player like Mark Giordano moves the needle for them a bit. The one thing that the Leafs have lacked for years is their blue line. Morgan Reilly has been holding it down for years and now hopefully Giordano adds to that.

Vancouver Canucks: B

Vancouver had a better trade deadline than most teams. Moving some pieces that were on the end of their contracts and also moving big contracts off as well. Overall got better financially and better for the future as well.

Vegas Golden Knights: C

Vegas already made their move earlier in the season getting Jack Eichel, which was a great move. They tried to move Evgeni Dadonov to Anaheim, but the league held it up due to a no-trade claus, but Jack Eichel is good enough for their trades.

Washington Capitals: C

Washington added back Marcus Johansson from Seattle for Sprong and picks and added Johan Larsson from Arizona for a draft pick as well. They didn’t get worse, but they didn’t get much better either.

Winnipeg Jets: C

The Jets shipped out some guys and added to their future, but I don’t know what their plan is? Are they trying to rebuild or bolster? It looks like they are trying to do both.

-Ryan Veal(@TheVealMobile) on Twitter

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