When Trump Gets Booed In Iowa, Republicans Have A Problem

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Trump tried to do a rare day of campaigning between court appearances, and he got booed in Iowa, which should be sounding alarm bells for Republicans.

Video of Trump:

JUST NOW: President Trump steps into stadium for Iowa vs Iowa State football game pic.twitter.com/NNthlJ0I8q

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) September 9, 2023

Just in case you were wondering if Trump really was booed, The Washington Post reported, “The former president entered the game to a mix of applause and audible boos, as a plane with a banner reading “Where’s Melania?” flew overhead — a nod to the absence of his wife from the campaign trail. Some attendees gave him the middle finger from the stands while he looked on from the glass-paneled box from which he watched the game.”

In contrast to Trump being in a suite and looking down at the regular people that he never seems to want to get too close to, Ron DeSantis had been set up in the stands beside Gov. Kim Reynolds.

By not showing up for the first debate and barely doing any campaigning, Trump is making it clear that he is killing time until Republicans hand him the presidential nomination.

Ames, Iowa, which is where the football game that Trump and DeSantis attended, is a blue area in a red state, but if Trump was such a popular figure, he should have been greeted with polite applause at worst, not middle fingers and boos.

Republicans are being sent the message that nominating the least popular politician in America for a third consecutive time is s really bad idea. If Trump can’t go to a red state like Iowa without getting booed, he probably isn’t going to fare well in the swing states that will decide the election.

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