Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Changing of the Guard in the AFC North

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New Batch of NFL Power Rankings

Welcome to Week 13 of the NFL Power Rankings! Week 12 brought some ups and downs but did give us some clarity in some areas of need. The biggest was the changing of the guard in the AFC North as the Bengals took down the Pittsburgh Steelers in an absolute shellacking.

It is wild how we have gotten here, but that’s the nature of the NFL Power Rankings, they are crazy as hell.

Now, before we dive into Week 13 make sure you check out last week!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. Detroit Lions 0-10-1 (Last Week- 31)

I held off as long as I could, but Detroit is finally back in dead last. They are just plagued with finding ways to lose, this time by way of holding penalties that lead to game-winning field goals.

They will try again next Sunday when they host Kirk Cousins and the Vikings.

31. Houston Texans 2-9 (Last Week- 30)

It was a tough loss for the Texans on Sunday, Tyrod Taylor kept them in it until the final seconds, but it just was not enough.

They host the Colts on Sunday in a division showdown.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-9 (Last Week- 29)

I am not even gonna break this one down. We all know how it went.

The team is struggling, especially on offense. That’s all that needs to be said.

They head to LA to face the Rams on Sunday.

29. New York Jets-3-8 (Last Week- 32)

By default, the Jets are now the better team between them and Houston. It wasn’t a pretty win, but it was a step in the right direction for the young rookie signal-caller who is just coming off an injury.

They will look to keep it rolling Sunday when they host the Eagles.

28. Seattle Seahawks 3-8 (Last Week – 24)

SPLAT… that is the sound of the Seattle Seahawks playoff chances hitting a brick wall. An era is coming to an end in Seattle and not in the way we were expecting it. Nothing is going right for the Seahawks right now. The focus now can shift to next season, and what to do.

Questions need to be answered…

One thing we do know, their rapid fall in the rankings has been nothing short but shocking, and no one expected them to be in this position come the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings.

They will next play the 49ers on Sunday.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-5-1 (Last Week – 23)

Uhhhh… Check, please! Speaking of an era being over, I present to you Ben Rothlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were shellacked on Sunday against Cincy and the offense looked putrid. This team is about to face a harsh reality, and questions need to be answered fast.

They will play in the division on Sunday against Baltimore.

26. Chicago Bears 4-7 (Last Week- 28)

The Bears beat the Lions, Matt Nagy was never going to be fired, and did anyone actually watch this game? These are the only questions I have.

Bears host the Cardinals in Week 13 looking to climb up in the NFL Power Rankings.

25. Atlanta Falcons 5-6 (Last Week- 27)

Cordarelle Patterson is a beast at running back, and Atlanta pulled out a nice win over Jacksonville this past Sunday. The team is totally trending the right way.

They now get to face Tom Brady and the Bucs on Sunday.

24. New York Giants 4-7 (Last Week- 25)

Defense wins games and that is exactly what happened on Sunday with the Giants and Eagles. Although Joe Judge axed Jason Garrett the offense still looked blah, but that may take some time especially with a new play-caller. It is a slow start, but a start nonetheless.

They now head to Miami to face the Dolphins on Sunday.

23. Miami Dolphins 5-7 (Last Week – 26)

Speaking of Miami, don’t look now but the Dolphins are rolling. It took a while, but here we are where we expected the Dolphins to be. Defense is their strongest suit and they just keep on trucking, while Tua and the offense is ticking in an upward direction.

Let us see if they can keep the momentum when they host the Giants in Week 13

22. Philadelphia Eagles 5-7 (Last Week- 22)

Coming into Week 12, the Eagles had the easiest strength of schedule for the remainder of the season, so naturally, it is a good time to go on a run. Well, not exactly, as they hit a speed bump in the Giants as they lost an ugly game to the G-Men on Sunday.

That is all you can really say, it was ugly, let alone your first-round receiver Jalen Regaor is basically turning into Nelson Agholor 2.0 (when he was with the Eagles). Dropping a crucial catch on the final drive.

They will pivot now to the New York Jets who they will face on Sunday.

21. Carolina Panthers 5-7 (Last Week – 17)

The panic button has been engaged in Carolina and it is already starting to wear out. Sunday was absolutely horrendous for the Panthers. Not only because of an ugly loss to Miami that saw Cam Newton throw a pair of picks but once again saw their superstar running back, Christian McCaffrey go down with a foot injury that would later be deemed serious enough where he would have to miss the remainder of the season.

They now head into the BYE week at a much-needed time as the team needs to regroup if they want any chance at making a push in a wide-open NFC Wild Card race.

20. New Orleans Saints 5-6 (Last Week- 19)

Guys, what did we expect here? It is Trevor Siemian, and as much as I like the kid he’s just not an NFL-ready QB. That being said, the loss on Thanksgiving night to the Buffalo Bills looked to be the final straw as the offense could do virtually nothing even as the defense kept them in the game most of the night.

So, they head into a Thursday night bout against the Dallas Cowboys where they will most likely look to QB, Taysom Hill to control the offense, and hopefully, that offense will have Alvin Kamara back, if not at least, Mark Ingram.

19. Denver Broncos 6-5 (Last Week – 21)

Denver took down a high-powered Chargers team on Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. Defensively the Broncos put on a clinic that included a pick-six by the rookie, Patrick Surtain III.

Now, they head into next Sunday night with a huge showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs, where, if the Broncos can pull it off on the road they will be sitting atop of the AFC West division.

18. Cleveland Browns 6-6 (Last Week – 16)

Look, Cleveland is struggling, but it cannot all be put on Baker Mayfield. The QB is playing hurt, the fact that he is out there playing is impressive. That being said, that doesn’t mean he can’t take some of the blame. There are times where he could make plays when he decides not to, but the rest of the offense needs to step up and help as well.

A MUCH MUCH needed BYE week is coming in Week 13 for the Browns, at 6-6 they are still in this thing, they just need to make a few tweaks.

17. Minnesota Vikings 5-6 (Last Week- 14)

Minnesota has hit a bump in the road after a tough loss to the 49ers on Sunday. To make matters worse they have now lost star running back, Dalvin Cook to a dislocated shoulder for at least the next two weeks.

The biggest key the Vikings need to unlock is consistency, they have proven they can beat anyone, but not on a consistent basis. If they can find that, they are in a prime position to make a run in the NFC.

For now, though, they bump down a few notches in the NFL Power Rankings. They will look to right the ship on Sunday when they face a winless Lions team.

16. Washington Football Team 5-6 (Last Week – 20)

Speaking of teams on the rise in the NFL Power Rankings, the Washington Football Team looked dead in the water just a few weeks ago, but here we are, they currently hold the final Wild Card spot after a massive win over the Seahawks on Monday Night.

They now sit two games back of the Cowboys for the NFC East lead and are currently on a three-game win streak. The Football team is playing lights out and ready to make a move. The question is, will they?

The team is now Vegas-bound as they get set to face the Raiders on Sunday afternoon.

15. San Francisco 49ers 6-5 (Last Week – 18)

In a wide-open Wild Card race in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers are right in the thick of things after taking down the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

The win warrants moving up a couple of spots in the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings.

The team is getting hot at the right time, on both sides of the ball, but the injury to Deebo Samuel does out a damper on the offense, but that aside they will look to carry momentum into Week 13 when they face off against a dead in the water Seattle Seahawks team.

14. Indianapolis Colts 6-6 (Last Week- 13)

Indy was close to handing the Bucs yet another loss, but when you leave 3 minutes on the clock for Tom Brady, it will come back to haunt you.

All in all, though it was quite a downer of a loss, as the Colts held a 10 point lead, only to watch it go away thanks to some big Bucs defensive plays.

They will look to bounce back in Week 13 when they play the Houston Texans.

13. Tennessee Titans 8-4 (Last Week – 9)

Tennessee was a MASH ward in Week 12, and because of it, and how Ryan Tannehill looked, they fall in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

With most of the WR corp missing, the Titans struggled in the passing game, and the Patriots took advantage of it.

The good news is, Week 13 is a BYE week for the Titans, so it gives them time to heal before the final playoff push.

12. Las Vegas Raiders 6-5 (Last Week – 15)

The Raiders shocked the Cowboys in Overtime in an absolutely crazy Thanksgiving afternoon game.

The Raider’s offense seems to be clicking, but the question is, can it be consistent?

We will find out next week when they host the Washington Football Team.

11. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 (Last Week – 12)


10. Los Angeles Chargers 6-5 (Last Week – 10)

Chargers took a brutal loss at the hands of their division rival in Denver. Justin Herbert and the offense struggled to get going out of the gate and the Denver defense was able to jump on it and make them pay.

Herbert is going to be a good QB, but the team needs to find consistency on offense. If they cannot, they are gonna risk missing the playoffs.

They face a tough task as they head to face the Bengals in Week 13.

9. Los Angeles Rams 7-4 (Last Week – 8)

Oh, the Rams are in an absolute downfall right now, and it is ugly. The Green Bay Packers handed them their 3rd straight loss on Sunday.

They need to pick it up offensively, the loss of Robert Woods is showing itself and it isn’t pretty.

They get a favorable matchup next week when they host the Jaguars.

8. Dallas Cowboys 7-4 (Last Week – 4)

Speaking of brutal losses, Dallas took a loss at home to the Raiders on Thanksgiving. Dallas was missing some key pieces on the offense and it showed. So now they need to try to snap this losing streak in Week 13.

They will do that by facing the Saints in NOLA on Thursday Night Football to open the week.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4 (Last Week – 11)

Cincy is on a fast rise in the NFL Power Rankings, just like the New England Patriots. They saw and gave the Pittsburgh Steelers an absolute whooping on Sunday 41-10.

They now fixate to a big matchup on Sunday when they host the Cincinnati Bengals.

 6. Buffalo Bills 7-4 (Last Week – 7)

Buffalo got a dominant win on Thanksgiving night, the offense looked rejuvenated as Josh Allen tore up the Saint’s defense.

They now get a big test when they host rival, New England Patriots on Monday Night Football in a whopper of a game.

5. New England Patriots 8-4 (Last Week- 6)

New England rolled to their sixth straight win, this time over the Tennessee Titans

Do not look now, but the New England Patriots are in the top five of the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings after taking out the Tennessee Titans to move their win streak to six straight games.

The win moves the Pats into the 2nd seed in the AFC. The defense is absolutely humming in New England, and the offense under Mac Jones fared well in his first cold-weather game.

Now comes the fun part, they travel to Buffalo, New York for a massive Monday Night Football showdown with the Buffalo Bills, a game that will go a long long way in deciding who takes home the division title.

One thing is for sure, New England is back, and is looking absolutely dangerous.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-3 (Last Week – 5)

Tampa Bay trailed by 10 in the second half, but Brady did what he does and led the team back, thanks to of course the defense coming up big, along with Leonard Fournettes 4 touchdowns.

It was a much needed win for Tampa as they had lost their last 2 of 3.

They will look to keep the momentum going on Sunday when they face the Falcons.

3. Baltimore Ravens 8-3 (Last Week -2)

Baltimore drops down in the NFL Power Rankings this week, because A) Green Bay deserved to move up and B) Baltimore looked horrendous on Sunday Night.

In fact both teams looked horrendous Sunday Night…. Lamar threw four picks, and yet still found Mark Andrews in the endzone for the game winning touchdown.

It was a very confusing game, and it is hard to gauge anything off of it for both the Ravens and Browns.

Baltimore will move on to Pittsburgh now in Week 13.

2. Green Bay Packers 9-3 (Last Week – 3)

Green Bay showed who they were as they dominated the Rams on Sunday afternoon as the defense manhandled Matt Stafford and the offense.

As for the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers was carving up the “so-called” best defense in the league all on a broken toe.

Now, Rodgers can rest for a week and let that toe heal some, because the Packers are making a run at the top seed when they get back, and not sure much will stop them.

1. Arizona Cardinals 9-2 (Last Week – 1)


Wrapping up the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

It is such a wide open race in both conferences right now, I am not really sure I have seen anything like it before.

It will make for a fun stretch run for sure! So make sure to keep it here every Wednesday for updated NFL Power Rankings!

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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