We Need To Talk About Myles Garrett.

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The 2017 draft happened and Myles Garrett was the number one pick for the Cleveland Browns. He comes in at 6’2,  272 pounds and he can also jump higher than an NBA player. With Garrett everyone knows him for speaking his mind no matter the consequences and this even started in the draft. He is a real life dinosaur.

College Career.

Myles ended up going to Texas A&M University but a fun fact to learn is he almost went to Ohio state instead due to his love with dinosaurs. I think Browns fans would’ve loved him even more if he did go Ohio State.

He spent Three years at Texas A&M University he finished with 145 tackles, 48.5 tackles for loss, 32.5 sacks, and seven forced fumbles. He is a player who’s athleticism has never been more obvious than it was when he ran a 4.64 40-yard dash at the combine, how does a guy who is 6.4 and weighing 272 pounds run that fast?!

Myles had a fantastic college career but it also came with some injuries there isn’t an NFL player out there that hasn’t had some sort of injury in their career.

He had a high sprain in his ankle and missed 4 games during his rookie season but that wasn’t it when he came back from the ankle sprain he then suffered a concussion a few weeks later.

He was a great player during college but being a number 1 pick comes with a lot of pressure could he cope with this when being picked by the Cleveland Browns?

Cleveland Browns Is His Home.

I won’t sit here and say that Myles Garrett is the best player on the team but he is a huge part of why this team succeeds. While he has been with the Browns he has played 61 games in total racking up  128 solo tackles, 58 assisted tackles and 55 sacks. He is only 7 sacks away from breaking Clay Matthews all time record of 62 sacks, could he do that this year?

Going into the 2021 season we have seen a more reflective Myles, he is aware of the challenge ahead, the good teams in the league, he’s a player that wants to bring the talent to Cleveland and help bring a championship home.  He has made Cleveland his home and the fans have welcomed him with open arms.

Sometimes there is one person that can make or break a team and for the Browns this is Myles Garrett when he was taken down by covid in 2019, it was a huge hit to the defence he’s not just a great player he is also a great leader, he is loud on the side-line getting players hyped and picking them up after a bad play.

Not only is he in an incredible player he also does so much for the community in Cleveland and beyond. He joined the NFL Waterboys in 2019, they work to help people that don’t have access to clean water, he and other NFL players want to work to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water because everyone deserves that.

He has also worked with the Browns social justice, raised money by streaming games with other players for people suffering during covid, helping people eat and drink during this challenging time.

Myles is a great player but he is also a great person, he has made Cleveland his home and there is no player I want to succeed more at the Cleveland Browns than Myles Garrett.

Will he retire as a Cleveland Brown?

I hope so! What do you think?!

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~Jen Hunt (@Jenhunt_ on Twitter)


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