Video Catches Trump Waving To Imaginary Supporters

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A video of Trump leaving Trump Tower catches him waving to a crowd of supporters that doesn’t exist as he exits the building.

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This is what Trump does … but usually the camera is in front and there is no sound

Trump waving to nonexistent supporters

Bet Trump’s enablers have been scrambling to get (likely pay) people to come to Trump Tower

His slumped fat-back shoulders are way worse than I assumed

— RiotWomenn (@riotwomennn) June 1, 2024

It is all an illusion. Trump even steps over to the side as if he is greeting a crowd, but it visible that there is no crowd there. Trump is waving to imaginary people. Trump continues to trying to project support and strength, but the big question remains, where are all of his people at? If Trump supporters are so outraged over his conviction, why haven’t they shown up outside of Trump Tower to show their support?

Trump’s supporters have shown over and over again through their lack of attendance at his court appearances that they really don’t care about the ex-president’s criminal cases. None of this is evidence that they will not support him in November, but the former president keeps selling the fantasy that his conviction has mobilized a groundswell of support, but the evidence is lacking to back up that claim.

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