Vegas Golden Knights Health Returning to Full Strength

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Hockey season is upon us and if you’re a Vegas Golden Knights fan you have had to deal with the injury blues. At the beginning of the season player after player seemed to land themselves on the injury list. Big names such as Stone, Pacioretty and Karlsson were out for what seemed like months. During this time Henderson Silver Knights were called up and multiple players were signed. But good news Vegas Golden Knights health is returning to full strength… slowly but surely.

Jack Eichel Signing

NHL News: Jack Eichel dons the Golden Knights jersey; and Carey Price on road to Habs return - The Daily Goal Horn

As far as Vegas Golden Knights Health goes they add one more important player onto the IR list. In the Jack Eichel sweepstakes, the Vegas Golden Knights came up lucky! This saga seemed to go on forever. The good news the Golden Knights add another former team captain onto their team. The bad news he is another name on the injury report. But, they knew the risk going into this one. So far it seems like it is going to pay off as reports have him skating again and joining the team in a couple weeks. The price for Eichel and 3rd round pick was as follows: Peyton Krebs, Alex Tuch, a future first round pick and a future second rounder. 

First Line is Back in Health

Vegas Golden Knights: Chandler Stephenson perfect proof of why change of scenery works

The Vegas Golden Knights first line took a major hit on the health front. Both Stone and Pacioretty ended up injured towards the beginning of the Golden Knights season. Both players missed significant time. October 14th against the Kings was when both these players were injured. Stone with a lower body injury and Pacioretty with a lower body fracture which turned out to be a broken foot. Stone came back after a month on November 13th against the Canucks. Pacioretty came back November 24th.

During this time other first line men Stephenson was the only active first line man, he continued his duties there with other teammates in rotation. Stephenson this season has 9 goals and 12 assists. He was not hit with the injury blues and is making a name for himself on the Golden Knights. I am very vocal about this guy being my favorite Golden Knights player and right now he is playing like he is on a mission to prove something. Especially with the known that once Eichel is healthy he will be the one moved down to a second line or lower spot.

But until Eichel is ready to play the first line is back in full strength! Which will help increase the momentum of this team.

Vegas Golden Knights Health Who is Left?

This leads to the question who is left on that injury report? Karlsson is expected to play tonight. He was injured October 29th against the Ducks with a broken foot. Then he also entered Covid Protocol. But, welcome back Karlsson against the Flames! So not only the first line back in full health but the misfit line (Karlsson, Marchessault and Smith) will also be too.

Another Player Nolan Patrick who we grabbed during offseason via trade is skating with a no contact jersey on! He is one of the three Golden Knights still left on the injured report. The other two are Alec Martinez and as I mentioned before Jack Eichel.

Vegas Golden Knights Health

So there you have it that is a little summary of what has been going on with the Golden Knights. There were other injuries and other Covid Protocol members but the team is starting to put itself back together! Their last game was a commanding 7-1 win against the Coyotes. Currently the Golden Knights are 13-10-0 and have 26 points. This places them 5th in the Pacific division and 4th in the Wild Card spot race. But there is still plenty of season left so do not be surprised that since they are getting healthy they make a run for a top 3 spot in the Pacific Division.

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~Josie Averitt (@JosieAve on Twitter) 

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