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Playing fantasy football means diving into the statistics. Who has the most receptions? What pass catcher has the most receiving touchdowns? Just a couple of the many stats fantasy gamers are interested in. But there is a next level to gathering information. There are stats and metrics out there that are not as common as the ones you see on the backs of trading cards. I like to dive into the metrics using A site I highly recommend if you play fantasy football. These stats are so important if you are looking to gain an edge on your opponents. But sometimes they can be a tad confusing. So let me take a shot at explaining two stats 2 know for Week 13.

Stat 2 Know: Kene Nwangwu averages 6.8 fantasy points per opportunity

What does it mean?

On the surface it is easy to point out that this stat is misleading. Looking at the back of his football card all you will find is 2 carries for 16 rushing yards. For all of you math wizzes, that shakes out to 1.6 total fantasy points. But then when you look a little deeper you find that he has 2 return touchdowns. Nwangwu has tremendous speed. He ran a 4.37 40-yard dash (99th percentile). This ultimately means that he is far more talented than his production stats would suggest.

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Why is it important?

Minnesota’s starting running back, Dalvin Cook, is set to miss time due to a shoulder injury. Cook a bell cow that supports a 79.5% opportunity share. Well he will vacate all those touches for the next few weeks. You might be saying… ”Matty Kiwoom, Alexander Mattison is going to take all of those touches!” You’d be correct in this fictional conversation. The Vikings like to feed one back and will most likely do so with Mattison. With a healthy Cook, Mattison averages 4.14 carries and 0.86 receptions a game. If Nwangwu gets 5 touches he can pop enough to warrant future opportunities. And given his 4th round draft capital that could mean something for his value going forward.

KENE NWANGWU. He’s done it again!

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— NFL (@NFL) November 28, 2021

What to do with this info?

In dynasty leagues, make sure to check to see if Kene is available. If he is then put this man on your roster. If he isn’t, and your trade deadline hasn’t pasted, see how much his team builder values the rookie and make an offer. Even in redraft leagues with deep rosters, make a play for Nwangwu. Cook is set to miss multiple weeks and adding an athlete like this that is one injury away from a bunch of touches is good process.

Stat 2 Know: T.J. Hockenson has a 21% target share but only 3 targets inside the 10-yard line

What does it mean?

T.J. Hockenson is the best pass catcher on the Detroit Lions. The tight end’s 20.9% target share is the most in the Detroit offense. Matter of fact it is 5th highest amongst tight ends in the NFL and the guys above him are the class of the position. It is clear to see that Hockenson is the number one pass catcher for Lions. He is there most talented player on their offense sans D’Andre Swift and Jared Goff tries to get him the ball.

But he doesn’t whenever the Lions are sniffing pay dirt. So far in 2021, T.J. Hockenson has only seen 3 targets inside the 10-yard line. When you zoom in even more you find that Hockenson has yet to even see a target within the 5-yard line. Now this is partly due to the lack of opportunities and partly due to Swift. Regardless a player of Hock’s caliber should see targets in scoring situations.

Why is it important?

The star running back, D’Andre Swift, is out with a sprained shoulder. (What’s the deal with these shoulder injuries? *Jerry Springer voice*) Some speculate if the Lions decide to shelf Swift given the winless record. Whether his absence spans a couple weeks or the season, Hockenson may be in line for more touches. More specifically touches closer to the end zone. Swift has 3 targets and 10 carries in goal to go situations. It isn’t a stretch to believe that the most targeted pass catcher will see juicier targets in the coming weeks.

Got TJ Hockenson the football 🗣

— PFF Fantasy Football (@PFF_Fantasy) November 25, 2021

What to do with this info?

If your trade deadline has yet to pass, your window to buy could still be open. Hockenson is still a top 10 tight end in fantasy, but many deemed him top 3-5 worthy. If his team builder looks at him like his value is down, shoot your shot. Or maybe you roster an overachieving player like Dalton Schultz or Mike Gesick, shoot your shot. Now could be your last chance acquiring Hockenson in dynasty until sometime next year. If you currently roster Hock in dynasty or re-draft, hold tight. Having Hockenson on your roster is just good process.

I am hoping that walking through these two stats 2 know helps you for Week 13. And if you feel like you would like to learn more, do your own deep dive. Or come back for the next two stats 2 know.

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