Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 53 – Zappe Fever

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The New England Patriots just skull bleeped the Browns and all people can talk about is this damn QB controversy and Zappe fever. Not the fact that Bill Beilchick is now tied with George Halas for the second most wins all time as an NFL head coach. Definitely not the fact that this team is rounding into shape just like they always do every single year. And certainly not a peep about great this defense has played in part due to Jack Jones developing into a better corner than JC Jackson this season. NOPE. WE WANT QB CONTROVERSY. So of course, the guys talk about this nonsensical QB controversy this episode. But they also review the throttling of the Browns that took place over the weekend as well. Also, have the last 3 drafts been some of Belichick’s top drafts since he’s been with the Patriots? And why is Isaiah Wynn still getting meaningful snaps on this team? Lastly, they preview the Bears game on Monday Night and give their Gamebreakers as well. All that and much more on a passionate episode of Tuck Rule Takes! (Listening to this episode will not cause Zappe Fever of Patriots fans)

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