Trying to figure out the Boston condo for sale market

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Trying to figure out the Boston condo for sale market

If you’re data based driven, one can see a positive outlook for the Boston condo for sale market for the remainder of 2022 and going into 2023. Hers’s why, based on birth rates, a steady influx of new Boston condo buyers will be in their early 30s and will be primed for the Boston housing for sale market this year and into 2023.

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Boston condos for sale

Two sides of the same coin

However, despite these birth rates, there is a problem, Boston condo buyer demand is down. The interest rates have risen and as a result, buyers are not rushing to purchase homes. Let’s not forget that big “R” word… the possible Recession.

Presently, I am seeing Boston condo buyers being extremely cautious as they navigate possible purchasing right now. They are fearful that prices may come down in the future, especially as interest rates keep rising. Some buyers are choosing to sit out and watch the market and see what happens moving forward.

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Boston condos for sale and the bottom line

If you’d like to discuss the downtown Boston neighborhood that interests you, along with recent sales data, inventory stats and more, please feel free to call me at 617-720-5454 or text at 617-595-3712.

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