Trump’s Corruption Backfires As Biden Makes Push For Business Leaders

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The Biden White House is reminding business leaders capitalism depends on a stable political environment and democracy.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients told The New Republic’s Greg Sargent:

“The most important thing for U.S. economic growth and for progress and good fortune,” Zients told me, in describing the pitch he makes to CEOs, is “to have a stable, predictable environment.” Zients said he argues that “you might not agree with everything that’s done,” but “there’s an opportunity to talk things through, and there aren’t surprises.”

“It’s not chaos,” Zients continued, further summarizing his argument. “That’s quite a contrast from the former administration.”

“There are areas where we might disagree,” Zients said he told them. “But when you think about the pillars of American capitalism, independent institutions like the Federal Reserve, the rule of law, an independent judiciary, and America’s reputation and America’s role on the world stage, the president firmly believes in all of this, and I think it aligns with what you believe in.”

No Fortune 500 CEOs are supporting Trump as they are worried about his potentially disastrous plans for the US economy.

Trump’s corruption and his idea that all business are as corrupt as he is, are backfiring on him. The Biden administration is making a rational argument to the nation’s business leaders that the best thing for their future isn’t a return to the chaos and bad policies of Trump, but a stable consistent political situation in a democratic society that they can depend on for years to come.

Donald Trump is being boxed in by his own corruption and extremism. The Biden team knows what they are doing. More than anything, business leaders despise instability, so while they may not agree with Joe Biden on some issue, they know that their future depends on the United States have steady leadership that is committed to democracy.

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