Trump Melts Down While In His Plane And Complains About How Terrible Jail Was

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Trump was still in the air when he called Newsmax to complain about how terrible his experience was in the Fulton County Jail.

Trump said when asked how jail was:

Terrible experience. I came in. I was treated very nicely. But it is what it is. I took a mugshot, which I never heard the words mug shot. That wasn’t didn’t teach me that the Wharton School of Finance And I have to go through a process election interference. You know that better than anybody you covered so well and fantastic job. I have to tell you for the person Fantastic job, Greg, but it’s a very sad experience, and it’s a very sad day for  our country. This is a weaponized Justice Department and all of these indictments and cases. I have a couple of cases of these indictments. It’s just cases where you have these left. Lawyers suing Like a woman that I never saw it before. Other than that she took a picture 25 years ago on a on a line on a contributor’s line or something or charity line.

Ah everything. It’s just like one thing after the next and what they want to do is they want to try and wear you out which they never do But they want to wait. You can do about just absolute. Horrible thing that they’re doing, and I’ve never seen anything like it. This is a third-world country and I really believe they’re getting hit by. You know we were going to tremendous crowds in Atlanta, and they were so friendly. So friendly, But this is a radical left district attorney as we have in New York and as we have in all the other places, whether it’s district attorney or a AGs we have that in New York. They’re going after all for nothing. I mean, the AG case. They have no case against me at all. Do it to try and get elected. But they also do it in court with the Department of Injustice in Washington. Terrible thing never happened before.


Trump is acting so entitled like he can’t believe that he had to go to jail and get a mugshot. All he did was allegedly commit felonies in multiple jurisdictions while stealing classified information.

I am sure that jail was terrible for all of the less than 30 minutes that he was there.

Donald Trump is trying to monetize his mugshot. He is trying to turn it to his advantage, but he is bothered by this, and as he admitted on Newsmax it is one thing after another. It seems to be getting to him.

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