Trump Lawyer Accidentally Admits He’s Guilty Of Insurrection

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While trying to defend Trump, Christina Bobb argued that the voters should decide whether they want to have an insurrectionist president.

Bobb said, “The President is elected by the entire nation, and it should be the entire nation who determines who they want for president, whether they’re guilty of insurrection or not, it’s up to the people.”


Trump attorney Christina Bobb: “The president is elected by the entire nation and it should be the entire nation who determines who they want for president, whether they are guilty of insurrection or not.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) January 2, 2024

Bobb was trying to say that the voters should decide Trump’s fate and that he should not be disqualified from the ballot, but the truth came out of her mouth.

Trump, his legal team, and his campaign want voters not to care that he is potentially going to be a convicted insurrection. If Trump is found guilty of crimes related to illegally attempting to overturn an election, they want voters to shrug and put him back in the White House.

Donald Trump is trying to downplay crimes that he allegedly committed as the President Of The United States.

Trump’s big political bet has always been that the American people are stupid and don’t care. He will put that theory to the test by dismissing an insurrection.

If the question that Republicans want voters to decide is whether they are okay with an insurrectionist president, it could be a very long and bad election year for the GOP.

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