Trump Is Sending A MAGA Insurrection To Fox News’s GOP Debate

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Trump is mounting an insurrection of his most MAGA supporters and family and sending them to the spin room of Fox News’s first Republican debate.

Jason Miller told Newsmax:

I want to make one thing very clear here. You cannot stop the Trump train. President Trump’s allies will be at the debate tomorrow evening will be in the spin room afterwards. A lot of the media outlets are much more friendly than what we’re seeing from the host. Whether it be Newsmax or CNN or MSNBC, all treating the Trump campaign much better than the host of tomorrow evening,

But I want to make sure that people realize we’re going to have some really big hitters who are in that spin room, Donald Trump Junior, Kim Guilfoyle, Kari Lake,  Byron Donalds, Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Mike Waltz, Carlos Jimenez, Russell Frye. All of our surrogates. All of our allies are going to be there tomorrow night are bigger and more impactful than any of the candidates actually debating. So, of course, the media wants to chat with the folks that we’re bringing because President Trump is going to be the nominee. And these are the folks who are helping to wave the flag for him.”


The Trump campaign is angry because Fox News has banned Trump’s surrogates from the debate spin room unless they are there as a guest of a media organization.

The Trump campaign has apparently declared war on the Fox News debate and they are sending some of their top insurrectionists to try to disrupt the coverage. It would have been much easier for everyone involved if Trump had agreed to participate in the debate, but since he didn’t, the former president is sending some of his biggest names in the cult to steal the show.

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