THS Marketing Holds Grand Opening for Brands that Need Expert Ads Strategy

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In the age of social media, you’d think advertising was a breeze. It isn’t. Despite having more platforms that increase visibility, marketing is a tough gig for most people. It’s even tougher when you’re starting up and don’t have the experience or resources to know how best to get your product in front of potential customers, let alone figure out how to keep them there once they’ve seen it. That’s why you need ad strategy experts like Gordon Gillis Jr. of THS Marketing by your side.

THS Marketing is a leading advertising agency that specializes in helping businesses reach the right customers with expert marketing and ad strategy. The company offers clients unparalleled experience, dedication to their cause, innovative ideas, and outstanding customer service. That has helped many small and large brands reach their goals through expertly crafted marketing campaigns customized to each platform’s unique requirements.

“We’re not just a marketing company with a catchy slogan,” Gordon Gillis explained ahead of the company’s grand opening. “We’ve got years of experience working with major brands in customer service and sales, and we know just what the market needs. We take care of all that for you, so you have time to focus on what matters in your business.”

Gordon believes there are three steps to a successful campaign: Identify where your target audience spends time on social media, identify what they’re looking at, and then develop ads around those topics.

“It’s never been more important to be on all channels,” says Gordon. “The days when it was just TV or radio are over.” That said, Gordon notes that posting content alone on these platforms will not make a difference if you don’t apply the right principles or work with an expert who understands the landscape. For startups, especially, this is a necessity if you want to survive where others have failed. If we’re being honest, you don’t have time or money for trial-and-error marketing strategies that may not be effective.

A customer service expert with years of experience, Gordon is also a certified Bing, Meta, and Google Ads expert. That makes him uniquely qualified to understand all the nuances of online ads and how they can be used most effectively to reach potential customers and convert them into loyal followers or even buyers. As such, his business is all about understanding how to get your products in front of the right eyeballs and keeping them there. This includes using targeted marketing strategies that work best on each platform and meeting different requirements and user expectations.

“We offer clients a holistic approach that covers every angle: from brand identity development to customer acquisition through online channels,” Gordon promises. So far, he’s already got an impressive client list of companies that rely on his expertise to grow their businesses and keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. Most of them keep coming back for services such as social media optimization, website development, graphic design, and advertising advice – all tailored specifically for businesses that need professional help getting the word out.

And now, Gordon has expanded his team to better serve the clients who need more personalized attention. He’s also currently offering free one-on-one consultations for anyone looking to gain insight into digital marketing and advertising.

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