Thoughts on the Chicago Cubs So Far in 2022

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Before I begin, my expectations for the Cubs this year are right down the middle. To clarify, I hope for the best but prepare for the worst. So far, sitting above the .500 mark (as of this article) is great.  

Without doubt, a major contributor thus far has been outfielder Seiya Suzuki, who we signed this offseason. He’s hitting above .400 with a slugging percentage near .900 and his offensive WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is tops in the National League.  

Suzuki after hitting HR celebrating in the Cubs dugout

Source: NBC Sports

That being said, I expect him to keep up the pace as he may not be over .400 to end the season but I can see him hanging around in slugging percentage. Important to note: he has four HRs thus far but I can see him easily with at least 25 HRs this season.  

Cubs and the Pitching

Hendricks on the mound in Wrigley Field

Source: Getty Images

As we look at the pitching, seeing Kyle Hendricks and Marcus Stroman with ERAs above six is a bit worrying but they’ll turn it around. What’s more, the backend of this Cubs rotation still has me a bit on edge. The two lefties, Drew Smyly and Justin Steele are x-factors for me, Smyly slightly more.  

To explain, Smyly is as experienced as they come, starting 136 games over nine seasons in MLB for his now seventh team. He gave up 27 HRs with the Atlanta Braves, the fifth-most in the NL. If he can somehow cut that down, I’d sleep a lot easier in all honesty.  

Cubs Manager David Ross

Cubs Manager David Ross

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

By and large, I’m excited that the front office gave David Ross a contract extension because you need someone in the dugout for this rebuilding mode. Also, he can connect to the players being a former catcher in the league and that experience. Undoubtedly, I may not agree with him on every managerial decision he makes but he’s what this team needs.  

For the 2022 season, it’s about the development of players like SS Nico Hoerner for the future. All things considered, this season could be of great surprise on the Northside of Chicago, which cannot be measured by wins and losses.

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