This Young Entrepreneur Is Going to Take Your Company to New Heights, and Here’s How

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According to recent data, the average person spends nearly 5 hours on their phone daily, either on social media or the internet. This has been linked to several factors, including the global rise of technology and FOMO. People want to be abreast of current happenings, and with your phone, you can get all this information within seconds. For businesses, these numbers translate to more growth and sales. Social media can help you attract new customers, build customer loyalty and increase reach and revenue, but it depends on your approach.

You want a strategy that captivates prospective buyers and generates new customers—this is where Aaron Scorsone of Scorsone Strategies comes in. His unique approach to digital marketing, specifically social media, has helped him cement his spot in the growing industry. Aaron adopts the five core building blocks; target audience, platforms, social tools, analysis and measurements, and business goals.

He adheres to business goals to build strategies that ensure businesses get the most out of digital marketing. Scorsone Strategies specializes in putting each client in front of the target audience in the right way and at the right time. They are a full-service partner in content creation, social media management, growth, brand design, digital ads, and website development. Aaron has partnered with influencers, writers and leading online publications to bring this to fruition.

Aaron believes sales and marketing are more robust when they work together. Sales and marketing work towards the same goal; securing business and helping the company grow, and combining the two can help you achieve better results with your strategies. His experience in sales gives him an upper hand. Aaron Scorsone has worked as a sales agent for several years; during this time, he got a sales associate job at 5 Star Nutrition after finishing high school. At the time, Aaron had just started his first year in college and would make sales part-time. Aaron later quit college to focus solely on sales. Aaron realized he had learned much more on the sales job than he did at school, and he felt following this path would inch him closer to his goal.

Aaron got another sales job at a solar company. In his first year, he grossed about 1-1.5M; thus, climbing up the career ladder with his work garnering attention. Given Aaron’s meritorious services, he has won several awards, including the “Relentless Award” at his former company. He now brings these skills to marketing by creating a unique system to help businesses grow on a profound scale. He combines the two to create winning digital marketing strategies.

Scorsone Strategies uses the latest tools to track performance and keep up with market trends by investing in specially targeted ads and SEO strategies. Additionally, they also help clients get verified on social platforms. Aaron and his team help give businesses the much-coveted social media facelift and grow their following by getting them featured in top articles. Scorsone Strategies even facilitate podcast tours. According to Aaron, their goal is to redefine digital marketing by creating better and more effective ways for brands and personalities to take advantage of social media. They continue to work to become the largest digital marketing company in the DFW.

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