The Rafters Pod Ep. 90: Tatum’s Historic Playoff Push

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The Boston Celtics are playing their best basketball when it matters most. Jayson Tatum and company are making a strong playoff push breaking historic records in the process. On a 17-3 run, standing at the 4th seed in the East, green teamers can rejoice in another playoff season.

At the forefront of all of this is Jayson Tatum. His name has been a regular in the “Eastern Conference player of the week” discussions for his historic play. With his dynamic 54-point game against the infamous Brooklyn Nets, Jayson Tatum ties Larry Legend for the most 50 point performances in green. In a season that has seen many ups and downs for the young star, everything has come together for this playoff push. In their winning run, Tatum has posted incredible numbers on equally marvelous efficiency. The tunnel visioned and turnover prone number 0 has cleaned up his shot selection and played a well rounded game. Most impressive of all is the assist totals. Over this stretch Tatum is averaging almost 8 assists a game as he opts to pass out of double teams instead of forcing a shot.

With this phenomenal play, conversations get started about where Jayson Tatum ranks against all other plays in the league. Justin and Liam give their thoughts on this discussion. Is he top 5? Top 25? Is he just on a heater right now and will go back to being just another scorer? We weigh into all that and more in this episode featuring the Jayson Tatum historic playoff push.

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