The Rafters Pod Ep. 80: Turkey Day Special, Kanter Vs. The “King”

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Happy Turkey Day from The Rafters Podcast! Justin and Liam come to you mere days before the special holiday to bring you all things Boston Celtics as well as what has been going on in the league regarding “the king”, Lebron James. Enes Kanter makes plenty of headlines recently as well taking on “King James”

At the time of recording the Celtics sit at 10-8, fighting through injury woes and a fresh coaching perspective. A three game win streak has lifted the Celtics spirits but the season is still young. With Brown missing weeks of game time, Tatum has had to play efficient basketball to get this team wins. Players like Smart, Schroder, and Horford have become integral parts in the offense with the lack of depth utilized by Coach Udoka.

Celtics bench center, Enes Kanter has been in the news a lot recently. Last week he had an interview with Adam Silver regarding the NBA’s relationship with China. Kanter has taken a stand against the wrongdoings done by the world powerhouse towards their own citizens. Enes Kanter takes on “King James” in the news. Days before the Lakers-Celtics showdown, Kanter posted a fiery tweet roasting Lebron for his hypocrisy. Bron is quick to speak out on the tragedies happening in his own country but doesn’t notice the cruelty in the country that makes his shoes and products to sell. Kanter is opening up a can of worms going at a predominant money maker for the organization he’s employed by. The guys talk about what Enes Kanters mindset is and if he’s going about it the right way.

Lebron doubles up in the headlines as well after clubbing Isaiah Stewart in the eye. In the Pistons-Lakers game, Lebron tried shaking Stewart off it him resulting in a hit that make the PIstons Center bleed. Once blood drew, Stewart did his best Ron Artest impression pile-driving through security to get Lebron. Who’s at fault here? Justin is quick to blame the guy most people aren’t suspecting.

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