The Patriots Three Hardest Non-divisional Opponents in 2022

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I know, I know…we haven’t even gotten to the NFL draft yet. But you know what? I don’t care! I’m already looking ahead to the Patriots 2022 season, specifically relating to their schedule. We don’t have exact dates and times yet. But we do know the opponents and whether they are playing on the road or at Gillette Stadium. So why not have a little fun in April? Let’s look at the Patriots three hardest non-divisional opponents in 2022.

Patriots 2022 #3 Hardest Non-Divisional Opponent: Green Bay Packers

The Patriots will be playing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field this upcoming season. Aaron Rodgers speaks for himself. The reigning MVP will give the Patriots a lot of fits with his mobility and huge arm. Of course, the Packers lost Davante Adams this offseason in a trade with the Las Vegas Raiders. But that won’t stop the Packers from being good once again in the NFC. The Patriots will need a solidified game plan to slow down Rodgers and hopefully come out with a win in Green Bay.

#2 Hardest Non-Divisional Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

The Patriots will welcome Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals to Gillette Stadium in the 2022 season. This is the defending AFC champions we’re talking about here. Joe Burrow is a special talent in his own right. He’s going to be around for the next decade. Also keep in mind, the Bengals are beefing up their offensive line in free agency. So the Bengals will be ready. This could be a statement game for Mac Jones, going up against a quarterback that’s only played in the league one more year than him. This will certainly be a tough game for the Patriots on the 2022 schedule.

#1 Hardest Non-Divisional Opponent: Las Vegas Raiders

This could change. But as of right now, the Las Vegas Raiders are the toughest non-divisional opponent for the Patriots to face in 2022. They traded for arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL in Davante Adams. The Raiders have former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. McDaniels will know exactly what the Patriots will look to run scheme wise against his Raiders team. The Raiders can make some noise in 2022. But with a former coordinator as their head coach, the best WR in the league, and all the other talent they have? Yeah, that’s gonna make for a tough game!

In Conclusion

Those are three tough non-divisional opponents. What are the three that you think are the toughest for the Patriots in 2022? Feel free to respond to the blog with yours at my twitter handle or at the CGS twitter handle, @CouchGuySports. Have a great weekend everyone!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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