The long goodbye

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The long goodbye

Just a short story about a Boston condo brokers’ challenge to unsubscribe from a website.

If I can sign up with a few clicks, shouldn’t I be able to unsign up with a few clicks

Here’s a very simple concept. The easier the website or landing page is to use, the more profitable it will be. But not all companies think this way.

Some of America’s largest companies don’t want you to unsubscribe, there thought process, lose subscribers and lose money. Making these actions easier actually reduces profits. In situations like this, consumers should band together and give them….

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The Bottom Line

I don’t care if its a Boston condo real estate website, cable/phone company, or whatever. If you can sign up with a few clicks, you should be able to unsign up with a few clicks.

As I was writing the Boston real estate blog post, I’m reminded of this line of one of my favorite Eagle songs (yes, I’m that old).

“You can checkout any time you’d like. But you can never leave…”

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