The Kevin Garnett Celtics Number Retirement Ceremony was a HUGE Success!

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The Boston Celtics didn’t enjoy the first part of their Sunday afternoon. They lost a tough game to the Dallas Mavericks 95-92. But they DID enjoy the second part of the day! The wait was finally over as Celtics fans got to rejoice in seeing the #5, previously worn by Hall of Fame forward Kevin Garnett, raised into the Garden rafters. Why is this so important you might ask? Why was it a success? Consider the following.

The Celtics Family Saw Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen Make Up!

It’s fair to say Kevin Garnett has had a major beef for years with Ray Allen. They won a championship in 2008 together, and could’ve won two more if not for injuries. But on Sunday afternoon, it all got squashed with one clip. One quick embrace between Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. It was great to see the beef be officially squashed. Ray Allen bolted for the Miami Heat to win a championship. with LeBron James and company. So it’s understandable why KG and Celtics fans were bitter for years. But time has passed and scars heal. Time was all that was needed as the “Big 3” were together again for one last special moment in the Garden…for now.

The Classic KG Personality

It’s Kevin Garnett here folks! You knew what you were going to get with the 6’11 Hall of Fame forward. He’s energetic, passionate, and not shy with his words. No seriously, he isn’t shy! He threw f— bombs around within five seconds of grabbing the microphone for a sit-down with Brian Scalabrine. But we got to hear inside stories, KG’s thoughts on Boston, and relive the good days of Celtics basketball.

In Conclusion

A very successful event for everyone that attended and watched live on television. We as Celtics fans will always be grateful to Kevin Garnett for his contributions in Boston. There were six really fun years in there, with two finals appearances and a championship thrown in for good measure. So congrats KG! Your number will forever be retired in the TD Garden with some of the all time greats to ever put on a Celtics jersey. Well deserved!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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