The Four Best Matchups In The NFL In Week 13

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Last night on Thursday night football the Dallas Cowboys had their way with the New Orleans Saints. This matchup had a ton of potential but in reality it was a very boring game. Now that it’s Friday, we are officially on to Sunday and Monday. In week 13, there aren’t a ton of great matchups. But there are some. Here are the four best matchups in the NFL in week 13.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Betting Odds for Chargers vs. Bengals in Week 13

The NFL already caused an uproar about this matchup. A few weeks ago it was reported that the 49ers and Seahawks matchup would be flexed to 4:25 instead of it’s original Sunday night football kickoff time. Now, Sunday night football is Denver and Kansas City. Boring! Fans wanted to see the Chargers and Bengals battle it out on Sunday night. Why? Both these teams have been great this season and are both lead by young quarterbacks in Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. This will be a high scoring affair where both offenses will shine. This game also has playoff implications on the line as well as both teams are fighting for a playoff spot. But alas, the NFL is going to force feed fans more Patrick Mahomes instead of having two young exciting teams go at it on Sunday night football.

Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions

Yes, this matchup is one of the best. Why? This is a trap game for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings will be without star running back Dalvin Cook. Kirk Cousins has been surprisingly great this year and his on field chemistry with Justin Jefferson has been on another level. As for the Lions, they have lost multiple heartbreakers this year including a last second loss to the current one seed in the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens. In fact, the last time Detroit got blown out was on Halloween to the Philadelphia Eagles. If Detroit can somehow contain Justin Jefferson and slow down Adam Thielen, they have a great chance to finally earn their first victory of the season.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Whenever these two teams meet, fans know that they’re about see a battle. The rivalry is officially renewed this weekend. The Baltimore Ravens are currently the one seed in the AFC and the Steelers are fighting for their playoff lives. Last week was arguably the worst game of Lamar Jackson’s career in the 13-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns. For the Steelers, it’s been a struggle all season long to truly get going. Expect big hits, pushing and shoving, and defense. Both defenses will be going strong, especially the Pittsburgh one trying to contain Lamar Jackson who will be trying to redeem himself.

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

Here's what Patriots' AFC East title chances would be with Week 13 win vs.  Bills | RSN

The crown jewel of matchups this week. By far, the Patriots and Bills is the best of the four best matchups in the NFL in week 13. Monday night, in Buffalo where there will be cold and inclement weather. New England is the hottest team in the NFL right now and Buffalo has been up and down in their last four matchups. This will be a defensive battle. Mac Jones will be tested right out of the gate and the Patriots defense will present the toughest test for Josh Allen this season. Damien Harris and Devin Singletary will see plenty of action in this game. This is going to be an all out war. The winner of this game takes full control of the AFC East.

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