The Chasers Podcast: Episode 99

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The Chasers Season 2 Episode 99!

Welcome back Folks to Season 2, Chasers Ep. 99! Locked and loaded for your sports gambling needs! You unsure about who to pick for the big game or big series? Want to know who pick on Saturday and Sunday? Want to fine the best value picks and winners!

Well Fiesta, Jones and Evan got you covered with through their weekly podcast episode. For daily picks and pick questions please check us out – @TheChasers617 and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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Listen to us on Soundcloud and Spotify! (iTunes/Apple Coming soon)

Want to directly interact with our co-host? Check out Fiesta, Jones, and Evan on Twitter as well @tsf52 @cjoneswho1212 @EvanMcGinn2

Finally we do ask you to please gamble responsible and stay within your limits! If you are having a gambling problem do ask you call 1-800-Gambler

Finally, big news coming out of New York. NY Sports betting updates are showing that New York sports fans are going to be able to wager with online sportsbooks by week 1 of the NFL season. MASSIVE news for New York sports bettors.

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