The BFLO Sports Podcast Episode 1: Introductory Episode!!!

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A brand new podcast is on the Couch Guy Sports network!! The BFLO Sports podcast made its debut a couple of days ago. The whole idea behind the podcast is based on the Buffalo sports teams, the Bills and Sabres. Now that you have an idea on how the podcast goes, here are the topics that were discussed on the show.

Topics Discussed On The Episode:

To kick off the show, I broke down how the show is going to work. 50% of the time it will be just me and the other 50% is I will have a guest, depending on who the Bills and/or Sabres are playing. After that, I talked about the recent struggles of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills got blown out at home against the Indianapolis Colts. I gave my thoughts on the game and what I’m looking for in the Thanksgiving game against the New Orleans Saints.

To conclude the first ever episode of The BFLO Sports podcast, I gave my thoughts on the Buffalo Sabres season so far. Despite not having a good record, the team is watchable and I touched on that subject during the episode.

Where You Can Find The Podcast

As of right now, you can find The BFLO Sports podcast on Anchor and Spotify. With that being said, enjoy episode number one of The BFLO Sports podcast!!!


👀How the show is going to work

🏈What’s going on with the Bills?

🏒Thoughts on the Sabres season so far

— The BFLO Sports Podcast (@BFLOSportsPod) November 23, 2021

-Zach Jezioro (@ZachJ_13 on Twitter)

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