Texas Attacks Freedom of Movement as Lubbock Texas Passes Abortion Travel Ban

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Lubbock Texas passed a new law banning from people assisting anyone in or traveling through the county in getting an out-of-state abortion, effectively enshrining restrictions on the fundamental Constitutional right of freedom of movement.

“Somewhat unexpectedly,” the Lubbock County Commissioners Court “passed an ordinance banning abortion, abortion-inducing drugs and travel for abortion in the unincorporated areas of Lubbock County, declaring Lubbock County a ‘Sanctuary County for the Unborn’,” Lubbock Online reported Monday.

The passage of this law makes “Lubbock County the largest jurisdiction so far adopt an abortion-related travel ban.”

It was passed by three men: Commissioners Terence Kovar, Jason Corley and Jordan Rackler. Two others abstained; one because he felt it violated women’s rights and the other because he questioned the legality, saying, “(W)e shouldn’t need a piece of paper that says you can’t drive on our roads to be known as a pro-life county.”

Texas: You can’t drive on our roads.

The ordinance “allows citizens to sue anyone who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion in Lubbock County or by traveling through Lubbock County. The ordinance clarifies its provisions do not apply to pregnant women seeking an abortion, but do apply to anyone assisting them.”

Freedom of movement has been judicially recognized as a fundamental Constitutional right, however the protection of this right was given to the states instead of the federal government, which we can see from Texas was perhaps an error in judgement.

Access to a safe and legal abortion is a human right.

Texas talks a big game about being big on freedom, but that freedom has long only extended to the chosen few. It often does not apply to vulnerable people whose human rights are being threatened.

The protection of human rights is used to grade freedom for countries. In this sense, Texas fails fundamental freedom protections.

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