Staging your Beacon Hill condo for sale in 2022

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Thinking about selling your Boston Beacon Hill condo in 2022? 

Here are a few ideas why you should stage your Boston Beacon Hill condo for sale.

Boston Beacon Hill condos

Bosotn Beacon Hill condos

Boston Beacon Hill Realtors can easily tick off the various homes that sold for which they received more and higher offers because of effective staging.

“There was one home that hadn’t been staged and was listed at $1.149 million. It was old. It was tired looking,. “ took the listing and had it staged. We got 12 offers on it and ended up selling it for just a little over $1.15 million. So, maybe it was just a little higher, but the buyer said they were only going to get $900,000 for the Boston Beacon Hill condo

In a 2020 survey of 13,000 staged homes by the Real Estate Staging Association noted that staged homes sell faster, averaging just 23 days on the market. By comparison, the typical U.S. home spent 43 days on the market last month, according to a report from

The staging association survey also showed that with an average investment of 1 percent, approximately 75 percent of sellers saw a return on investment of 5% to 15% over asking price.

And this was before the market got as heated as it is now.

So, you might ask, if we’re in a seller’s market, why bother staging a Beacon Hill home? Why not save the expense?

Simple Beacon Hill condo answer:

“Because even in a seller’s market, buyers are not visionary.”

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Professional home staging: the art of arranging furniture and decor to help Beacon Hill condo buyers imagine what it would feel like to live in your home. Whether you are “staging” the home you already occupy or are bringing furniture into a vacant property, professional home staging can make a big impact on your home sale.

Complimentary Home Staging Consultations

As a top, experienced Boston Beacon Hill real estate agent, I know how important this can be and so offer complimentary home staging consultation on all of my listings. For around 2 hours, the professional home stager will walk through the home with you, from room to room, making suggestions on the furniture and decor you already have. If you need a vacant home staged we will assist you in the process (every home is different).

Professional Home Staging Works

Here in Boston Beacon Hill, my real estate team has confirmed again and again that staging a home results in more buyer walk-throughs. Buyers who visit a staged home are more likely to make an offer, and these homes spend less time on the market than unstaged homes.

These observations are backed up by data from the National Association of Realtors. In addition, about one-third of buyers’ agents surveyed for the NAR’s  Profile of Home Staging found that staging a home increased the dollar value offered between one and five percent.

For most Beacon Hill home sellers, spending thousands of dollars on staging may not be practical – or needed. Read on to learn how to reap the benefits of staging without breaking the bank.

DIY Home Staging Tips

  1. Declutter. Store any personal items, including kids’ toys, pictures of family, unnecessary bathroom items, and countertop appliances in the kitchen. Clean your home from top to bottom.
  2. Clean up the unit and put away non-seasonal decor.
  3. Focus on the entrance of your Beacon Hill home. Keep hallways neat and tidy; take all personal effects from the entryway and living area. The idea is to allow buyers to imagine that they already live in your home.
  4. Repaint. If your interior walls haven’t been painted in a few years, doing so will brighten and improve just about any room. It’s an easy DIY project if you have the time. Go with light, neutral colors for the greatest buyer appeal.
  5. Check out photos of staged homes online for design ideas. You don’t need to be a pro to put together a room that looks comfortable but not crowded. Identify each room’s focal point and draw attention there; keep the rest of the room as simple as possible.
  6. For more practical home design tips, check out this Lifehacker article.

Pro photos are a necessary finish to pro staging.

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