SNL Takes Down Trump For Being Afraid To Testify

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SNL perfectly captured Trump’s courthouse press conferences and why he hates court and is afraid to testify.

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SNL Trump said:

I don’t like being in court because they say very mean things about me while I am trying to sleep.  But I love being out here in the hallway outside court. Daring judge to imprison me. He gave me a gag order. I said that sounds like a challenge on RuPaul.  But you know, in many ways court has been great for me. It’s been very eye-closening. Unfortunately, at the end of this trial, it looks like I’m getting a very harsh sentence and being sent to a horrible place I do not want to go to. The White House.

I do not want to go back to the White House, but it appears people want to send me there. Why? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. For me much better to not win and say it was rigged and then get very rich raising money to

stop the steal and you never have to do president again. I like that a lot.

We should do that. But now my defense in this trial is about to begin on Monday. And trust me, I would love to testify. I’m not afraid to testify at all. I’m just not going to out of fear. ] You see, they do a terrible thing when you testify, which is they write it down and we don’t like that.


It is true that Trump called the White House a dump while he was president and avoided staying there because he could bill the taxpayers unless he was at one of his properties. However, Trump has made it very clear that he wants to be president again and wants the power of the presidency.

All in all, SNL’s effort was good. It showed Trump’s fear of testifying and his true desire to do only one thing: make money for himself.

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