Should the Predators be buyers or sellers?

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The NHL trade deadline is on March 21st and a lot of team are looking to add depth or star power for their Stanley Cup runs. There are also teams that are borderline playoff teams and could make some moves or just stay put. One of those teams is the Nashville Predators. The Predators currently are the 2nd wild card spot behind the Dallas Stars and two points ahead of the Edmonton Oilers, but the Stars and Predators are not far behind the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues. Nobody is going to catch the Colorado Avalanche. The Predators are in a tough spot, they could be aggressive and add some players and go for a run, or they can sell and look into the future. They could also do nothing and just ride it out.


In recent time, David Poile has been aggressive and going after guys during the trade deadline. Some of those moves have looked good for that season, but has hurt the future. The team does not have the fire power to keep up with teams like the Avalanche, Lightning, etc. If the team is going to make any moves, it will be for a defenseman. The top guys on the “trade bait” list would be Jakob Chychrun, Ben Chariot, John Klingberg, Mark Giordano and Justin Braun. Out of all those guys, the Predators would like to get Chariot, Giordano, or Braun. Why? They would be cheaper than the others and don’t want to give up much of the future. The most the team would give up would be this year’s first round pick and a prospect. I personally wouldn’t go no higher than a 2nd round pick. You need to keep adding to the future, but you absolutely need to add depth at D.


Since 2010, the Predators have only missed the playoffs three times. That’s very good. With that being said, they haven’t been sellers in a while. Will they do it this year? They have some pieces some teams would like to have. The obvious one is Filip Forsberg. He is young elite scorer that has been linked to some teams. David Poile was on the radio recently saying, “We want to keep Filip.” I don’t see them getting rid of him unless they know they aren’t going to re-sign him or they get a kings ransom for him. Another player the could ship off would be Luke Kunin. The 24-year-old will be RFA this off-season and I team could look to add some depth. Another interesting name could be David Rittich. A lot of teams would like to have goalie depth or just need a goalie. A team maybe willing to throw a 3rd for him. Connor Ingram is playing really well again this season in the AHL would be his replacement.

What will they actually do?

If i’m David Poile, I would check in on some D-man you could get for 2nd round pick or less. Do not give up the 1st round pick this year. If the asking price is too high, don’t make the move. The team has enough depth at forwards to not make a move. I think Poile will be quiet for once, which is not like him, but I don’t think they need to make a move.

-Ryan Veal (@TheVealMobile on Twitter)

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