Short Handed Takes: A Boston Bruins Podcast- Episode 9

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Welcome to the Short Handed Takes Podcast. In our ninth episode, we talk about the recent Bruins win streak and how Charlie McAvoy is starting to heat up.

Kevin drops a major hot take on David Pastrnak

We talk about a few surprise NHL teams so far, and the possible acquisition of the Pittsburgh Penguins by Red Sox owner, John Henry.

If you missed episode 8- Click Here

Short-Handed Takes Episode 9 Rundown

-Recapping the last two Bruins Games.

  • Is Charlie McAvoy starting to heat up?

-Perdios in the Crease- Kevin drops a big hot take on us about David Pastrnak

-Around the NHL: Some surprise teams doing very well right now

– Discussion on Fenway Sports Group possible purchase of the Pittsburgh Penguins

– Closing out with hot takes.

Where Can You Give Short-Handed Takes a Listen?

You can find the hosts on Twitter, @jeffhoak1, @kperdios15, and @ChrisHenrique. You can also find our podcast on Twitter @ShortHandedTks

Find Short Handed Takes: A Boston Bruins Podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, PocketCast, RadioPublic, and our Couch Guy Sports Youtube Page


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Jeff Hoak (@Jeffhoak1)

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