Shady SCOTUS Majority Hides The Vote On Jack Smith Rejection

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A Supreme Court that is struggling with a loss of credibility made the decision to not disclose what the vote was to reject Jack Smith’s request for a ruling on Trump’s immunity claim.

NBC News’s Lisa Rubin posted:

To the extent there was disagreement, we don’t know how many justices, if any, would have granted review now, nor who they are. For an institution that has lost public confidence in part because of its opacity, this feels like an odd choice, even if the vote was unanimous. 2/

— Lisa Rubin (@lawofruby) December 22, 2023

It is a strange decision, to say the least, for the Court not to disclose whether the vote was 9-0, 6-3, or 5-4. The Court issued its decision as most of the country is preparing for the holiday season with a single sentence.

Trump’s immunity claim will eventually make it to the Supreme Court, but the big question is when? Trump is trying to delay his trial through Election Day 2024, and without the Supreme Court providing any information about why they made the decision that they did, it only serves to undermine their credibility even more.

The decision looks shady based on the lack of information released, and the perception advances the idea that the current Supreme Court majority views itself as accountable to no one, including the American people.

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