SATW: Episode 12

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In this episode of the SATW podcast, I open up with my thoughts on the passing of Dwayne Haskins and how the media has talked about it. Also, I delve into why words matter as well as how the media views athletes as a whole.

I talk about how you’d want someone to talk about your life and why it means a great deal. Even in death, how would you want to be remembered and your legacy. 

In this case, I ask did Haskins’ family want to see what Adam Schefter posted on social media before deleting it and why the apology fell flat.

Furthermore, I share a story from my time in college when discussing the comments of Gil Brandt about Haskins. More importantly, I share how Brandt’s words can be seen as racist but circle back to words. 

SATW: WrestleMania and Women’s Sports

Finally, I talk about WrestleMania, especially my love for the Bianca vs. Becky matchup, and why match placement makes a huge difference. In addition, I take the time to discuss the WNBA Draft and USWNT because I’ll forever love women’s sports. Side note: I was one goal off in my prediction and this will stick with me forever. 

8-0! Only one more goal and this prediction may just become a reality 😉 and he’ll have Margaret Purce to thank for it with a goal in the 85th minute!

— Beyond Women’s Sports (@BeyondWSports) April 13, 2022

Thanks for reading and listening. Until I hear from you again, be real, be you, and be blessed here from the SATW podcast.

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