Rudy Giuliani Might Flip After Trump Stiffs Him On Legal Bills

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Rudy Giuliani is drowning in legal debt, and when he asked Trump for help, the former president said no. This decision could cost Trump if Giuliani flips.

CNN reported:

Giuliani’s trip to Mar-a-Lago, which has not been previously reported, indicates the level of financial stress that he has been facing for months as his legal troubles have continued to pile up.

But what has surprised those in Trump’s inner circle is the former president’s unwillingness to pay for Giuliani’s bills, given Giuliani could find himself under intense pressure to cooperate with the federal and state prosecutors who have charged Trump. Giuliani sat down voluntarily with special counsel Jack Smith’s investigators this summer, and he was indicted this week in Georgia by the Fulton County district attorney.

“It’s not a smart idea” for Trump to refuse to pay Giuliani’s legal fees, one person close to the situation told CNN.

Rudy Giuliani has all these legal bills because he was the point man in an illegal scheme to keep Trump in the White House. Without Trump, Rudy Giuliani is not buried in lawsuits and legal debt. Giuliani is also the pressure point that Jack Smith and Fani Willis are looking at because he is Trump’s former lawyer and could provide enough information to prosecutors to turn Trump into a convicted felony.

If Trump won’t pay up to help Giuliani with his legal bills, his former lawyer may have no choice but to make the cases go away by flipping on his former client. Giuliani has all of the documents. He was in the meetings as Trump’s right-hand man. The one person who Trump should not get cheap with is Rudy Giuliani.

Should Giuliani cooperate with prosecutors, it would be lights out for Donald Trump.

Trump should shut up and pay up, or Rudy Giuliani will go to prosecutors and speak up.

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