Rudy Giuliani Melts Down And Basically Confesses To Georgia Crimes

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Rudy Giuliani claimed his Russian disinformation means that Biden should be charged with RICO because he and Trump are an election fraud organization, not a criminal enterprise.

Giuliani said on Newsmax, “That’s what RICO is for. It isn’t necessarily for organized crime, but it’s for a major criminal enterprise. This is hardly that this is this is an election fraud argument. We can’t be totally inconsistent with RICO. RICO is for serious, long-term criminal organizations. They can be political corruption. The Biden family is a perfect RICO case. 100. In fact, there’s one text of Hunter’s that could have been written for RICO, the one where he says for 30 years. He’s been paying all the expenses of the family and still has to give pop half well, It’s now turning out that all that proof is coming out, but I put that out three years ago.”


Giuliani never proclaims his innocence. He is interested in claiming he was not engaged in a criminal enterprise and creating a false equivalency between his and Trump’s conduct and a baseless Biden conspiracy theory. Giuliani claimed that RICO doesn’t apply to him, but in the same breath, admitted that it does apply to political corruption. Giuliani said that e and Trump were not involved in a long-term criminal enterprise, but doesn’t deny that crimes were committed.

By trying to use his discredited Russian disinformation to attack the Bidens, Giuliani was basically confessing to committing crimes.

Rudy Giuliani needs to stop talking. Trump isn’t paying his legal bills, and the lawyer for the president’s mouth could land him in a Georgia prison cell.

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