Robert Williams was the key to a Celtics Title Run

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The Boston Celtics are going to lock up a top four seed in the Eastern Conference. Where they finish remains to be seen. They could end up as the one seed if all goes right. At the absolute worst, they finish as the four seed with a first round playoff matchup which favors you at home. That’s all well and good. But one player that needs to continue to be an impact down the stretch is Robert Williams. Williams continues to be a force down low. But here are some reasons why Robert Williams was also the key to a Celtics NBA title run.

Robert Williams and his Athleticism

Robert Williams is as athletic as they come, in terms of NBA centers. Have you seen him on alley oops? The man can pretty much touch the sky if he really wanted to! All of that to say, the Celtics big man is athletic and can match up well with any of the other big men in the NBA. You need somebody that can move up and down the court well? Robert Williams is your guy on this Celtics team!

The Shot Blocking Ability

Robert Williams also has the shot blocking ability that NBA fans dream about for their franchise. Let’s not pretend we haven’t seen Williams send a few shots back to the first couple of rows at TD Garden! Having that rim protector and inside presence has done wonders for this Celtics team. They have a guy that can really defend the rim well alongside another good defensive veteran presence in Al Horford. Shot blocking can really change the dynamic of an opposing team’s offensive strategy, so thanks for helping with that Robert Williams!

A Third Guy for the J’s

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are a special duo. But they need that third guy to help them out. There’s where Robert Williams comes into play. Marcus Smart is a great complementary piece. But Robert Williams is a guy that can help on defense, and offensive rebound for more scoring opportunities for the J’s! That definitely can help in a title run.

In Conclusion

Robert Williams was a big key to a Celtics title run. When they play Cleveland or Chicago? Williams has an advantage! Philly? I like Williams on Joel Embiid. Milwaukee? Give me Williams on Giannis! There are a lot of things to love about Robert Williams. But now, how far will the Celtics advance in the playoffs if Williams is out for the season? We shall see!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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