Red Sox sign All-star shortstop Trevor Story!

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We as Red Sox fans were waiting for the big move. Names were coming off the board left and right without the Red Sox landing the big names. This morning, that all changed. The Boston Red Sox agreed to a six year, 140 million dollar deal with former Colorado Rockies All-star shortstop Trevor Story. The deal includes an opt out after the fourth year. However, the Red Sox can decline the opt out and put a seventh year on the contract for 20 million dollars. So now that Trevor Story is signed with the Red Sox, that means a few things.

Trevor Story is Another Big Bat in the Red Sox Lineup!

The Red Sox add another big bat in the Red Sox lineup with Trevor Story. He’s a guy that has hit 30 homeruns in a season before. Sure, hitting in Colorado is always a plus. But I genuinely believe that Story is a huge bat that the Red Sox can benefit from having everyday. You’re looking at a guy that can hit potentially 2nd, or maybe even slide down into the 5th or even 6th spot in the lineup. However, let’s just be happy with the fact that the Red Sox have another big bat to keep that lineup rolling into 2022. Especially after the loss of Kyle Schwarber to the Phillies!

So What Happens with Xander Bogaerts?

So now the question is: what happens with Xander Bogaerts? According to reports, Trevor Story will play 2nd base for the Red Sox. But Story can also play shortstop when Xander Bogaerts needs a day off. So this means Bogaerts is still your everyday shortstop. Now the big thing is…signing Bogaerts to a long-term extension. But if you didn’t, and Marcelo Mayer is ready in three years…you could roll with Mayer and Story up the middle too.

In Conclusion

We wanted a big move and we got it Red Sox fans. Now we just have to hope Story is legit in Boston and that the numbers weren’t boosted because of Colorado. This season can’t start soon enough!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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