Ranking the Canadian NHL Team Captains Based on Their Vibes

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As a Canadian blooded hockey obsessed fan, I figured it was my civic duty to do rank the Canadian NHL team captains based solely on their vibes. A hockey ranking that no one asked for. Hockey player vibes are really important, so let’s get right into it.

SEVENTH – Calgary Flames – N/A

(image credits: o.canada.com)

Putting the Calgary Flame in last, their current captaincy role is vacant, which is 0/10 on the vibe check. Like cmon, just pick a captain, I’ll help with some ideas: current superstar Andrew Mangiapagne or Matthew Tkachuk (because wouldn’t it be fun to have both Tkachuk brothers as captains)?

SIXTH – Winnipeg Jets – Blake Wheeler

(image credits: winhockeyagency.com)

Nothing against the guy but something doesn’t sit right with me for Wheeler. He’s been a Jets player for practically a decade so definitely a loyal guy. Great player, pretty good hair. The vibes just aren’t there.

FIFTH – Edmonton Oilers – Connor McDavid

(image credits: sportsloveme.com)

Sorry Mr. McDavid but you do not pass the vibe check. Stellar hockey player, seems like his teammates really like him as a person. But there’s just something missing (in terms of vibes). Obviously, if this ranking was about skill of any sort, McDavid would be #1. Thank you, next.

FOURTH – Montreal Canadiens – Shea Weber

(image credits: awinninghabit.com)

Weber is a hockey player I love to watch. Great vibes, back in the day and now. Dad vibes now and the Canadiens are lucky to have him. Heard a story last year that during practice one day, Weber was overheard saying “sheeesh”, trying to fit in with the youths. Excellent vibes. Love to see it.

THIRD – Vancouver Canucks – Bo Horvat

(image credits: theglobeandmail.com)

Such a soft spot for Bo Horvat. Loveable, kind guy are the vibes he gives off and I am here for it. Incredibly good vibes overall. (Sending some good vibes to the Vancouver Canucks, they need it right now).

SECOND – Toronto Maple Leafs – John Tavares

(image credits: forbes.com)

Oh captain, my captain. Wonderful vibes, wonderful captain. To me, John Tavares has always been serving us dad/responsible vibes, but now that he is a father of two, the vibes are incredible, through the roof. Grateful to have him in Toronto.

FIRST – Ottawa Senators – Brady Tkachuk

(image credits: lwosports.com)

Probably would surprise those who know me personally, as John Tavares is my favorite current NHLer. What’s not to like about this guy? I can just tell Tkachuk would be fun at a party, seems super kind during interviews and overall, really likeable, energetic vibes. 10/10 vibes for the newly appointed Ottawa Senators captain. (Totally unrelated but did anyone else see his OT winning goal last night? So good.)

(feature image credits: mysteriesofcanada.com)

-Allison Smith (yourgalalxx on twitter)

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