Rachel Maddow Shatters The Big Lie That Business Supports Trump

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Rachel Maddow busted the Trump campaign for creating the false perception that business is supporting Donald Trump.

Maddow said:

Chief executives are not protectionist, isolationist or xenophobic. And they believe in investing where there is the rule of law, not the law of rulers, whether or not business support is gonna make the difference for either one of these candidates in November.

Heading into this debate this week, there has been a concerted effort to create a perception, a false perception that Trump has the whole business world lining up behind him. And that’s because his time in office compared favorably with President Biden, which is not true on fiscal issues. It is not true in the overall business climate, it is not true on

jobs and it is not true in terms of business leaders lining up behind these two candidates.

But that kind of false perception itself has political consequences and heading into this debate and all the attention it’s gonna get about the well the relative strengths of these two candidates and what they have to offer what they have to offer.  More than ever. It is, it is worth getting these things right.


The Trump campaign has been trying to spread the false notion that the ex-president is a great businessman who other business leaders are lining up behind. One thing that Rachel Maddow didn’t mention was the massive damage that was done to Trump’s reputation by the criminal and civil trials.

Trump’s campaign is trying to rehab his image and revive the myth of his business acumen by spreading the lie that the business community is supporting Trump.

It is all a lie. Trump is a business failure who is trying to fool the American people with an illusion of success. The con never ends, and one of the bigger ones is Trump selling the business community as supporting him.

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