Predators Stadium Series Jersey, Trash or Pass?

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The Nashville Predators take on the Tampa Bay Lighting on February 26th at Nissan Stadium. It will be officially the most southern outdoor “Stadium Series” game since it began in 2014. It will also be the latest outdoor game in the south for hockey because the Winter classic in Dallas last year was on New Years Day. First thing comes to mind is outdoor in Tennessee, will it be cold enough? Usually around that time of the year in Tennessee, it’s still cold and could have some flashes of upcoming Spring, but hopefully the weather will hold up. Having two southern teams go add it is great for the NHL, especially when you are playing the back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs. With the game, comes new jersey’s for the team. This will be the 13th different jersey that the team will wear since the 98′ season.

Stadium Series Jersey

I love that the decided to bring back navy jersey’s. The Predators have had navy jersey’s in the past and it just looks right. If you are not a Predators fan or from Nashville, then you might not understand the concept of the jersey. The primary crest of the Predators jersey pays tribute to the fan base who often call the city “Smashville”. The letters were inspired by the letterpress music posters which is part of Nashville’s history. The guitar pick in the middle goes along with the music and the “NP” in the pick along with the lace collar, get a modern color look with the navy-on-navy detail. The player’s name and number fonts will feature digit and characters of different widths and weights as seen when mismatched letterpress blocks are used in music posters. The team got their eyes the jersey a little bit before the release and they like it.

Overall, the jersey isn’t great, but its not bad either. Come game day, when its with pants and the gear, I think it will look better, so I will give it a pass.

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-Ryan Veal (@TheVealMobile on Twitter)

Ryan Veal

My name is Ryan. Been a Preds fan since Day 1(98’). Also a Titans, Alabama, Red Sox, and Grizzlies fan.

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