Patriots Release Linebacker Kyle Van Noy

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In an absolute STUNNER of a move, the Patriots released linebacker Kyle Van Noy today. The move creates about 5 million dollars in cap room. What a way to start the (almost) new NFL year for the New England Patriots! So now with Van Noy officially off of the Patriots, here’s what it could potentially mean down the line.

The Patriots With Releasing Kyle Van Noy Are Trying to Get Younger

With the releasing at Kyle Van Noy, the Patriots are essentially saying that they need to get younger. Not only younger, but they also need to get faster too at the position. The Patriots had a veteran group of linebackers last year and it all came into fruition in the embarrassing Wild Card loss to the Buffalo Bills. So now, Bill Belichick realizes that Kyle Van Noy won’t be around past the 2022 season anyway. To cut ties now to get younger makes a ton of sense.

A Bigger Move is Coming!

I do believe a bigger move is coming with this Patriots team. Whether it is for a big name receiver or another younger linebacker, something is happening here. The Patriots wouldn’t just clear out five million dollars of cap space to waste it in the future. That isn’t how a Bill Belichick led team thinks for its future. So something has to be coming, right?

In Conclusion

I personally loved Kyle Van Noy for his on-field play and off-field personality. I know I’ll miss him. But, I understand the move. So long (again!) Kyle Van Noy. It was fun (again!) while it lasted!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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