Patriots Draft Profile: John Metchie III

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Name: John Metchie III

School: Alabama Crimson Tide

Position: Wide Reciever

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 187 pounds

Hand Size: 9 1/4″  — Arms: 30 5/8″

Strengths for John Metchie III

  • Knows and can learn the route tree exceptionally well
  • Can track the ball well when going downfield, while also beating out coverage.
  • Tough when needed, can take some hits, especially after the catch
  • With a little bit more work, he can become an absolute YAC machine.

The tracking the ball well downfield and ability to get yards after catch are the two most intriguing bullets for me when it comes to John Metchie III. For being a possible back end of the first to mid-second-rounder Metchie possesses a talent that New England could use at wideout.

Add that to the fact that Metchie did play with Mac Jones and was one of his favorite targets racking up over 900 yards in 2020. The signs are there for a young Wideout to match with his former college QB to try to catch the flare that Burrow and Chase had in 2021.

Weaknesses for John Metchie III

  • Tore ACL in December of 2021 (Expected to be ready to go for training camp)
  • His release off the line of scrimmage is not the best but is average for what we have seen in the NFL
  • One of his tendencies is turning his head pre-snap which tends to give away his route.
  • Tends to drop the ball more when he focuses on catching into his body.

Obviously, the ACL tear is going to worry anyone, but John Metchie III mentioned at his pre-combine interview he should be good to go for the start of training camp, which is a fantastic sign.

As for the other weaknesses, they are pretty straightforward and can be easy to fix with some work. If he can break his tendency to turn his head prior to breaking at the line he will be fine.

The focusing on catching into his body is an interesting one and will be telling on what routes he will run if he can not figure that out, it is all mental when it comes to something like that.

How John Metchie III fits the Patriots

Like I stated in the strengths, the biggest factor is his familiarity with second-year QB, Mac Jones. The wideout only had good things to say when asked about it and said it would be an honor to be paired up with Jones again.

If he and Jones can connect, Metchie could easily become a fantastic mid-route to a deep-ball specialist, which could lead to a YAC specialist. This could also be a good spot for Metchie to play some of the slot, which allows Jackobi Meyers to kick back outside and run the longer routes.

Regardless, Metchie could be a good fit in multiple ways if he was able to fall to New England in the second round.

Player Comparison: Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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