Pat McAfee just got paid, The Pat McAfee Show and FanDuel agree to terms on a massive exclusive deal

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Former All-Pro NFL punter, current WWE analyst and the host of the Pat McAfee show, Pat McAfee just landed a huge deal with FanDuel on Thursday. The announcement of the deal came after McAfee was teasing he had a massive announcement planned for Thursday at noon. 

Sources: The Pat McAfee Show and FanDuel have agreed to terms on a new deal, ensuring that FanDuel continues to be the exclusive sports book of the show. It’s a 4-year, massive deal that includes an opt-out after three years. 💰💰💰

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) December 9, 2021

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, McAfee and FanDuel have agreed to a four-year deal. The deal will allow FanDuel to be the official sports book of the show. The deal reportedly will include an opt-out after the third year. 

Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium is reporting that the McAfee deal is worth roughly $30 million per year. 

From the Colts to Sirius XM Radio

Image courtesy of The Pat McAfee Show website

The two-time Pro Bowl punter played in the NFL for the Colts from 2009-2016. Following the 2016 season, McAfee retired from the NFL and joined Barstool Sports as a contributor. 

During his time with Barstool, McAfee helped develop “Heartland”,  which was a division of Barstool in Indianapolis and hosted The Pat McAfee Show. However after two years with Barstool, McAfee would announce he was leaving the popular platform citing a lack of transparency with the business operations of the company as his reason for leaving.

“I was incredibly lucky to be part of that company, and the time I was there, when I was there and how I was there,” said McAfee during this massive announcement video on YouTube.


Since his departure from Barstool, McAfee has turned his show into a massive following on social media. His show has been a success since its inception back in 2019. McAfee would join Westwood One as the host of a new weekday morning sports talk show.

McAfee wanted to chase fulfillment and a dream. Now, he is continuing to create content with his group and now he’s turned himself into a media icon.

I can’t thank you all enough..

Our MASSIVE announcement

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) December 9, 2021

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of The Pat McAfee Show website

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