Pablo Torre (might) know what Jordan Poole said that got him punched in the face

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In the history of NBA talkers, Draymond Green is top five. He’s burrowed into the heads of far more opponents than vice versa, but it’s always the ones closest to you who know how to hurt you, and though Jordan Poole didn’t say anything that offensive to get decked in the face, it was enough.

Jordan Poole ruins Golden State Warriors comeback and… we’re being too hard on him | Keep it a Buck(et)

“You’re an expensive backpack for 30,” Poole allegedly said to Green that prompted the altercation.

For someone who definitely says far worse a minimum of 82 games a season, Green is pretty easily triggered.

I absolutely love that we’re weeks, days away from the one-year anniversary of this infamous Golden State Warriors practice, and we have not only the grainy practice video, but the barb that kicked it off. NBA drama is Real Housewives for sports fans with double the pettiness.

If you’re unaware of the context, the former Michigan State Spartan was unsure of his next contract, while the for Michigan Wolverine had just been handed a four-year, $128 million deal. Obviously, Green was a little more than annoyed by more than his young teammate’s financial windfall to be set off by something so mundane — and true.

I’m sure every Warrior of the past decade has been accused of benefiting from being in Steph Curry’s orbit, and each time, the accused would’ve been guilty. From Klay Thompson to Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Andrew Bogut, any player who’s been lucky enough to play next to Curry is better off for it.

That goes for career earnings as well. Poole wasn’t wrong, yet at that moment he was an even pricier backpack, and both of those idiots were self-conscious over who freeloads the least.

Well now Poole is in Washington, and we’ll find out how true that is for at least half of the feuding parties, because Green ultimately won that popularity contest. Granted Draymond forced that outcome by giving his teammate a complex, but he won the battle, and the war.

The bigger picture is the book is out on how to get under Green’s apparently thin skin, and who would’ve known it was as easy as calling him Curry’s tote bag? I guess the best insults, like the best jokes, are partially true, and that’s why they land so hard. Maybe not as hard as a shot to the grill, but…

And now a look-in at the Cubs playoff chances

The Lovable Losers were in a 3-0 hole going into the final two innings against the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, scored two in the top of the eighth, one in the ninth, loaded the bases in the 10th, but then got walked off in the bottom of the extra, and final, frame.

The Miami Marlins successfully overcame their 3-0 deficit against Pittsburgh, 4-3, to move a game-and-a-half ahead of the Cubs, and are three outs from another win against the Mets should they need to finish the contest that was rained out Thursday with Miami holding a 2-1 lead. Chicago is actually now tied with the Cincinnati Reds for the first spot out of the postseason.

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