NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Patriots Making Their Move to the Top

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New Batch of NFL Power Rankings

Week 11 was interesting, a lot shifted in both the standings and the NFL Power Rankings, the one team that stood out above them all was the New England Patriots in the AFC, as they won their fifth straight, then got help from a Bills loss and a Titans loss to place them in the 3rd seed in the AFC, and back at the top of the AFC East standings.

It is wild how we have gotten here, but that’s the nature of the NFL Power Rankings, they are crazy as hell.

Now, before we dive into Week 12 of the NFL Power Rankings make sure you check out last week!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. New York Jets-2-8 (Last Week- 31)

Another ugly loss for the Gothan Green on Sunday, as they lost by a touchdown to the Miami Dolphins. The team is still finding its identity, and it needs to start with getting Rookie QB, Zach Wilson back.

They head to Houston to face the Texans on Sunday.

31. Detroit Lions 0-9-1 (Last Week- 30)

I mean, it wasn’t a horrible loss. The Lions lost by three points with a backup QB at the helm, there have been worse games.

They will look to try and get an elusive first win on Thanksgiving when they host Andy Dalton and the Bears.

30. Houston Texans 2-8 (Last Week- 32)

One of two big Week 11 shockers that shook up the NFL Power Rankings at the top was Tyrod Taylor and the Texans taking down the Tenessee Titans.

When Tyrod is healthy and able to play he has shown some spark for this team, and it showed in Week 11 when Taylor used his legs and ran for two touchdowns.

They will look to get a winning streak together now when they host the Jets on Sunday.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-8 (Last Week- 29)

I will keep this one simple… YUCK… After a bright spot for a couple of games, it appeared to just be a blip as the offense is back to its old ways.

They will now get set to host the Falcons on Sunday.

28. Chicago Bears 3-7 (Last Week- 28)

They were oh so close to beating a tough Ravens team, instead, they are stuck with a loss, and an injury to young QB, Justin Fields who is now expected to miss the Thanksgiving game.

That being said, get ready for Tim Boyle vs. Andy Dalton in the first of three games on Thanksgiving. Good time to get your nap in.

27. Atlanta Falcons 4-6 (Last Week- 25)

OHHHHHH BOY… Just gonna leave it at that…

The Falcons are at Jacksonville on Sunday.

26. Miami Dolphins 4-7 (Last Week – 26)

Playoffs are not dead for Miami yet, after two wins in a row, they now get set to face a tough defense in the Carolina Panthers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

25. New York Giants 3-7 (Last Week- 24)

There is not much to say here, other than just need to keep building the team. Also, maybe it is time to move on from the Daniel Jones era.

They will host the Eagles on Sunday.

24. Seattle Seahawks 3-7 (Last Week – 23)

It has been a disaster of a season for the Seahawks on many levels. This has led to the question, Is it time to hit the reset button?

Only time will tell, but if rumors in the offseason were true of Wilson wanting a trade, well, this may be the time to do it finally.

They will head to D.C. to take on the Football Team on Monday Night Football.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-4-1 (Last Week – 22)

It was a tough shootout loss to the Chargers on Sunday Night Football, and the injuries of TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick reared their ugly head in the loss.

That coupled with bad choices on offense at the end of the game, and you have a recipe for a brutal loss.

They head in the division now as they head to Cincinnati, Ohio to take on the Bengals on Sunday.

22. Philadelphia Eagles 5-6 (Last Week- 27)

Jalen Hurts is proving he is the QB of the future for the Eagles, the kid has been playing outstanding football as of late and has the team in the middle of a playoff race and a two-game win streak.

With that, they are one of the biggest risers in this week’s NFL Power Rankings!

They will now head to the Meadowlands to take on their division rival, New York Giants on Sunday.

21. Denver Broncos 5-5 (Last Week – 21)


20. Washington Football Team 4-6 (Last Week – 20)

Washington is on quite a roll right now, taking down the Panthers on Sunday, and Tampa Bay the week before. Heinicke and Co. have this team still in the playoff hunt.

They will look to keep it going when they host Seattle on Monday Night Football

19. New Orleans Saints 5-5 (Last Week- 15)

The Saints are marching the wrong way, after a stellar start to the season, the team is now trending down thanks to multiple injuries. Now after a kick in the nads by the Eagles on Sunday, the team is now in danger of bypassing a playoff push.

They will look to turn it around quickly on Thursday night when they host the Buffalo Bills.

18. San Francisco 49ers 5-5 (Last Week – 18)

The Niners are on the rise, they look better than ever right now and are getting hot at the right time. They are even getting creative with their formations, especially by using Deebo Samuel as a running back.

They will look to keep it rolling on Sunday when they host the Minnesota Vikings.

17. Carolina Panthers 5-6 (Last Week – 14)

Carolina could not capitalize when they needed to the most, even though Cam Newton looked stellar in his home return to Carolina, the team could not capitalize as they fell to the Washington Football Team.

They head to Miami next where they will face the Dolphins.

16. Cleveland Browns 6-5 (Last Week – 16)

It was an ugly win, but it was a win. Nick Chubb starred in his second start back to help lift the Browns over a winless Lions team on Sunday afternoon.

Mayfield struggled, but once again not all is on him, it will be an interesting week though as they now get set to face division rival, Baltimore Ravens under the lights on Sunday Night Football.

15. Las Vegas Raiders 5-5 (Last Week – 13)

Oh Raiders, I discussed last week the start of a downfall, well, it is still going. They started off hot, sucked their fans in, made them believe, and then ripped the carpet out from underneath them and start to play horribly.

This is a crucial stretch for the Raiders if they want any hopes to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Their next game is Thursday Afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys.

14. Minnesota Vikings 5-5 (Last Week- 17)

Minnesota moving up three spots this week in the NFL Power Rankings and is very deserving.

They were able to take down division giant, Green Bay Packers, handing them their first road division loss in god knows how long.

They head to San Francisco on Sunday to look to keep it rolling against the Niners.

13. Indianapolis Colts 6-5 (Last Week- 19)

Speaking of red hot teams, the Indianapolis Colts are on an absolute heater right now, winner of their last three games. This time they took down one of the top defenses in the league. They did it behind stud Running Back, Jonathan Taylor who had north of 130 yards and a whopping 5 touchdowns in the beat down against the Bills.

They are just heating up, but it does not get easy, they are now set to host Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

12. Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 (Last Week – 12)

Kansas City took down the Dallas Cowboys in Arrowhead on Sunday. It wasn’t a pretty win, but once again it is a win. The Chiefs’ defense has massively turned it around, but the offense still seems to be glitchy.

It is a step in the right direction for sure, but they are not quite there yet.

They head into the BYE week with a win though and look to get rested up before getting into the stretch run.

11. Cincinnati Bengals 6-4 (Last Week – 11)

Cincy coming off well-rested off a Bye week looked pretty good in the process. It may have been their biggest win of the season because it indeed proves this team is still in the hunt and it was not all a mirage.

This is a big confidence boost win heading into a showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

10. Los Angeles Chargers 6-4 (Last Week – 10)

Justin Herbert had himself a day in a shootout win on Sunday Night Football against the Steelers. It was a win LA needed very badly, and when hope seemed to dwindle, Justin Herbert took the reigns and brought them to victory. The Kid is an absolute stud.

They will head to Denver on Sunday to face the Broncos.

9. Tennessee Titans 8-3 (Last Week – 3)

Look, it has been a wild season of upset wins, and shocking losses, but nothing may be more shocking than the loss the Houston Texans handed the Tennessee Titans on Sunday Afternoon.

Tannehill threw four, yes four interceptions on Sunday in the loss. It was ugly in all ways. The team cannot seem to sustain a consistent offense since the injury of Derrick Henry who they relied heavily on when it came to the play-action game.

Tennessee sees one of the biggest drops of the week in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

Now they will look to turn it around as they get set to head to Foxboro to take on a red-hot New England Patriots.

8. Los Angeles Rams 7-3 (Last Week – 8)


7. Buffalo Bills 6-4 (Last Week – 5)

The sounds of panic buttons being pushed around Western New York can be heard as the Buffalo Bills have lost once again, this time in an absolute beat down at the hands of the Colts.

This is what makes the NFL Power Rankings so crazy, you just never know what will happen.

They get the short end of the stick now, and get a short week as they head to NOLA to face the Saints on Thursday Night.

 6. New England Patriots 7-4 (Last Week- 9)

New England handed Atlanta a goose egg on Thursday Night Football.

I never would have thought that come Week 12, after a 2-4 start to the season, the New England Patriots would be first in the AFC East. Yet, here we are.

Now it is certainly no lock, but it is encouraging to see what this team is doing with a rookie QB at the helm.

They have a big matchup on Sunday when they get set to host the Tennesee Titans.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers X-X (Last Week – 7)

The Buccaneers beat the Giants on Monday Night Football. The team who won the Superbowl last year obviously still has some flaws to work out, but this is a good start beating a team like the Giants the way they did.

Sunday will be interesting as Tom Brady and Co. head to Lucas Oil to take on a red hot Colts team.

4. Dallas Cowboys 7-3 (Last Week – 1)

We will find out Thursday afternoon if the loss to the Chiefs on Sunday was just another blip on the radar, but for now not much to worry about even with a loss to the Chiefs with a short handed offense.

They are set for their annual Thanksgiving afternoon game as they host the Raiders. The question is, who will be able to play, with Amari Cooper already out, and CeeDee Lamb highly questionable, that leaves Michael Gallup as the lead receiver.

3. Green Bay Packers 8-3 (Last Week – 2)

Green Bay heads into Week 12 with a banged up team. Aaron Rodgers is fighting what he called “worse than turf toe” and now the loss of Elgton Jenkins on the O-Line makes matters worse.

After a tough loss on the road to the Vikings, the Packers will look to turn it around at home before the BYE against the LA Rams.

2. Baltimore Ravens 7-3 (Last Week -6)

It was not a pretty win, but with a backup QB, the job got done. The Ravens do not look spectacular right now, but they got a big bump in the NFL Power Rankings this week a lot because of what they were able to do with a backup at the last minute.

The team is hopeful Lamar will return Sunday when the team faces the Browns on Sunday Night Football.

1. Arizona Cardinals 9-2 (Last Week – 4)

Heading into the BYE week with a win, an an injury laden team, backup QB, Colt McCoy got the job done in his time as Kyler Murrays replacement.

The veteran QB put on a show against thr division rival Seattle Seahawks and showed why he is so valuable as a backup.

Now because of that, the team stays hot rolling into the break and with hopes that they will be able to get back a fully healthy Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

Wrapping up the Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

We are coming down the stretch in the 2021 season, and things are still wide open. What will next week bring?

Only one way to find out! Check back next week to find out!

Enjoy Thanksgiving Everybody! Enjoy the time with your family, while enjoying some food and football!

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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