NFL: 4 Possible European Expansion Team Names

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For the past 15 years, the NFL has some variation of the aptly named “NFL International Series”. To try and grow the global reach of the league and the game of American Football. The game(s) the league plays in another country. For the first few years (’07-’11), one individual game a year in London. Before that the NFL had a “developmental league” called NFL Europe” (1995-2007). It was kind of like the G-League is for the NBA, but honestly worse. As it didn’t last long.

The seasons following, there have been at least two, if not more, regular season games played outside of the USA.  Until 2016 England was the only country that hosted the “International Series”. That year, Mexico entered the fold and have been a part of it ever since.

This season there are five scheduled “International Series” games. Four of them to this point (November 14), have been played. Three in London, England, and one in Munich, Germany. With more games being played overseas/ over the border(s), more talk has come about possible European expansion.

Even metaphorical teams should have at least ideas for names. Below are four of my name ideas for possible European expansion team(s).

1. London Sparrows

The NFL has multiple teams named after animals (5 to be exact),including birds. Why not make it an even six bird-named teams. This bird is among ones that are synonymous with the UK. Which makes it even more of a right fit for a possible London team.

As for the teams logo/mascot. You could turn it a different way. Going away from the bird/animal route totally. If they wanted to maybe make a deal with Disney, they could make Captain Jack Sparrow their logo/mascot. The drunken pirate ship captain from Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Which monetization wise, would be the smartest idea. And would make the global reach of this franchise start off better. At least from that standpoint.

2. Munich Maniacs

This one is mostly thanks to the way the crowd was in the recent game played in Munich by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. They were raucous, and passionate and everything in between. Which is what describes one who can be called a “Maniac”. It also helps that Munich and the word Maniacs, kind of roll of the tongue well together. Which I am all for when it comes to team names.

I mean, the whole crowd in Munich during the Bucs/Seahawks game, sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver. You might expect that from a crowd at a West Virginia University Football game. But a crowd all the way in Munich, Germany? I, at least, did not expect that. But I loved it, and social media loved it. It shows those fans are passionate, and could be called “Maniacs” in a good way.

3. Amsterdam Admirals

Older fans, or NFL “historians” of some sort may recall this name being used once before. When NFL Europe was a thing, this was one of the teams. I remember using this team in one of the “Madden NFL” video games back in the early 2000’s.

Reboots are a big thing these days, mostly in Hollywood with movies and TV shows. But you also have the XFL (2001)  about to get rebooted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for the second time in 5 years. So, why not give a reboot to a familiar team name, if the NFL were to expand overseas.

4. Stockholm Wild Boars/Pigs

To round out my list, is the birthplace of the Swedish Pop Group “ABBA”. The beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. Not only can the city/country lay claim to “Dancing Queen”, but they have universal healthcare as well. But something lesser known about Sweden is they have a large population of Wild Boar/Pig roaming the country (about 300,000). Including the area around Stockholm.

While this name doesn’t roll of the tongue like the last two ideas. It’s unique, and the NFL has plenty of wild animal team names. Wild Boars are underrated when it comes to wild animal popularity. I mean, they are searched less on Google than ducks. Putting them on a logo, on a national stage, would help with that. This is mostly my fourth idea, due to the uniqueness. But also to put some respect on the Wild Boar’s name.

While European expansion overall, might not be the best idea. If it were to happen, i’d like to see these cities get a team whether the NFL use my ideas or not.

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