If you’re a faithful fan of Forage you probably already know that owner, general manager, and all-around wine smartypants Stan Hilbert has a knack for finding top-notch, small-batch, organic, biodynamic and natural wines from all over the world. Now you don’t need to wait for Tuesday night wine dinners to roll around to taste your next favorite wine because Hilbert’s opening an all-new dedicated space, Satellite Bottle Shop in Dedham, to serve up the sips. The shop will be dedicated to sourcing the same styles of bottles you’re used to at Forage, plus there’s plenty of room for new finds, regions and producers.

The fun will kick off on Tuesday, August 15th at 570 High Street with a special pre-order offer: put in a request for a case (or half case) of “thinkers” or “drinkers” here and you can pick them up on the opening week. Each case will have a fun mix of lighter reds, refreshing rosés, crisp whites, intriguing orange wines, and sparkling delights, and it’ll give you the perfect excuse to pop in and say hi and check out the new space. Satellite Bottle Shop is set to be open Wednesdays through Sundays for now; keep up with the progress on their Instagram, and make some space in your home cellar for all the new wines!

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