New triple decker approved in Roxbury with just one parking space to save trees

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By adamg on Tue, 11/16/2021 – 10:46am

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved construction of a new triple-decker condo building at 5 Glenburne St. in Roxbury that will have just one off-street parking space.

The owner’s attorney, Joseph Feaster, said original plans called for three off-street spaces, but that the number was decreased over neighborhood concerns about mature trees on the property.

Feaster acknowledged he and his client had yet to figure out who would get the space. He joked that maybe he’d go back to his New York days and show up at an owners’ meeting with straws.

He added that parking is not allowed on the site’s side of the street, so that no on-street parking would be lost by creating the curb cut required for the parking space. In the past, BTD has opposed projects that eliminated an on-street space for just one off-street space. BTD, however, did not express an opinion on this proposal.


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