More thoughts on Boston condo prices and the Ukraine war

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More thoughts on Boston condo prices and the Ukraine war

I remember living in fear as a child during the cold war. By the time I was in grade school, we knew that “duck and cover” wouldn’t save us. We were taught to head for the basement. We know now that that won’t save us either.

You would think by now mankind would be more evolved. Starting a war during a pandemic on a dying planet doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Boston Condo Prices and Sales

At the beginning of the pandemic, most of us didn’t know what kind of an effect the pandemic would have on Boston condo sales and prices. Now we know that it had the effect that people moved in greater numbers than they did prior to the pandemic.

High home prices and the ability to work from home caused a migration from large cities to exurban areas.

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Here in the metro area, Boston condo prices continue to rise because supply is low and demand is high just like it was before the pandemic.

Ukraine War and Boston Condo Prices

It isn’t clear what kind of an impact the war will have on the Boston condo for sale market.  We do know that it will have a negative impact on the environment and on human life. It will drive up oil prices which will lead to more inflation. It may affect wheat production and we may have fewer choices at the liquor store when buying vodka.

Optimism is best for the economy and the housing market. Yesterday when I went grocery shopping there was plenty of cookies and toilet paper. I’ll take that as a good sign.

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