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The winter is slowly upon us and that means that free agency for the MLB is about to heat up. Now this isn’t hot stove, but I have predictions on where some of these top free agents should go. I have some honorable mentions and the top ten MLB free agents landing spots. With that being said here are my MLB Predictions for the upcoming free agency period.

Honorable Mentions

Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Anthony Rizzo (New York Yankees)

Chris Taylor (Seattle Mariners)

Carlos Rodon (Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim)

Robbie Ray (Toronto Blue Jays) 

10.) Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos is one of those hitters that is striving in today’s MLB. I think Castellanos made the right move opting out, because he can get a fantastic deal this off season. He is one of the best hitters in the free agent class and if he finds the right spot, he is going to be a fantastic piece to any team’s lineup. Defensively he is a little questionable so he could move his way into a DH role if he goes to the American League. I have three teams that should be eyeing Castellanos to add into their lineups. Those three teams are the Giants, the Rangers, and the Padres. All three of those teams could use his bat in the lineup and I don’t see him resigning with Cincinnati.

Prediction: He Signs for 5 Years $115 Million with the Rangers. 

9.) Starling Marte 

Starling Marte is a talented outfielder that can get a good contract this off season. Teams need outfielders and Marte is a solid one to have in your lineup. Last season between the Marlins and the A’s he hit .310 with 12 home runs and 55 runs batted in. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t numbers that don’t jump out at you, however he is still a valuable asset in a lineup. 47 stolen bases to go along with a .383 OBP and a .458 SLG is a pretty solid stat line if you are asking me. There are three teams he would be a good fit for. Those teams are the Phillies, the Giants or the Mets.

Prediction: He Signs for 4 Years $80 Million with the New York Mets. 

8.) Javier Baez

Baez played well last season even though he had the most strikeouts that he has ever had in his career. Between the Cubs and the Mets last season, Baez hit .265 to go along with 31 HRs and 87 RBI’s. Baez is a solid fielder and his hitting is pretty good as well. I think there are teams that would love to get a guy like Baez into their lineup. What’s the price going to be for Baez though is the big question. He should get a hefty contract depending on where he ends up. The three spots that make the most sense for him are the Redsox, the Tigers, or the Cubs.

Prediction: He Signs for 5 Years $100 Million with the Chicago Cubs. 

7.) Max Scherzer 

Max Scherzer was fantastic once getting traded to the Dodgers last season. During his time with the Dodgers he 7-0 in eleven regular season starts with a 1.98 ERA to go along with 89 strikeouts. Scherzer is going to be 37 next season and how much does he have left in the tank? I mean if it is any indication he might have a solid two to three years left before he is done. The three teams that will be interested in his services are as followed (Dodgers, Nationals, and Reds). His decision is easy in my opinion and this team will pay him a lot to be their guy for the next two to three years.

Prediction: He Re-Signs With The Dodgers For 3 Years $95 Million. 

6.) Freddie Freeman 

Freddie Freeman finally helped bring a World Series back to Atlanta last season. Does that mean he is staying for the remainder of his career? Time will tell, but the time is running out before he needs to make a decision on where he is going to play. Freeman last season in the regular season hit .300 to go along with 31 HRS and 83 RBI’s. He also won an MVP not to long ago as well. Freeman has spent his entire career with the Braves and it might be a little off seeing him in another uniform. The three teams that should be interested in Freeman are the Braves, the Red Sox and the Padres.

Prediction: Freeman Re-Signs With The Braves For 6 Years $180 Million. 

5.) Marcus Semien

Semien had a career year with the Blue Jays in 2021. He set a career high in home runs (45) and runs batted in (102) last season. Marcus was an all-star, a gold glover and a silver slugger as well. He was fantastic and now he is hitting the open market and should secure himself a big contract. The 31 year old should lock up a contract that will pay his bills for the rest of his life. Several teams should be interested in this talented shortstop, however three teams make the most sense to me. Those three teams are Blue Jays, Angels and the Phillies.

Prediction: He Signs for 6 Years $124 Million with the Phillies. 

4.) Trevor Story

Kris Bryant is a must have for any team in the MLB. He is a top three MLB free agent and you need to take a stab at potentially signing him. His asking price won’t be as high as the top two guys on this list, but he is going to get a big contract. The former Cub hit .265 with 25 home runs and 73 runs batted in last season with both the Cubs and the Giants. Three teams make the most sense for Bryant in my opinion. Those three teams are the Phillies, the Mets and the Mariners. I think whatever team he goes to out of those three would be beneficial for him moving forward. With that being said he can only go to one team and I think I know which team it’ll be.

Prediction: Bryant Signs For 6 Years $190 Million With The Phillies

2.) Corey Seager

This is the off season of the short stop position and Corey Seager is a fantastic short stop. He missed some time last season, but when he is fully healthy he is one of the best hitting short stops in the league. Seager should be getting a big contract this off season as he rightfully deserves it. The Dodgers are so loaded that I don’t think they have room for him in their future.

Which means he is hitting the open market and we should be expecting him to sign somewhere new. Well their is one big team that would love to have him, a left handed hitting short stop would be so ideal for one team. However there will be other teams that will be heavily involved in trying to sign Corey Seager. Three teams make the most sense and those three teams are the Yankees, the Angels and the Astros. What team will be lucky enough to sign a guy like Seager?

Prediction: Seager Signs For 10 Years $305 Million With The Angels. 

1.) Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa is the best free agent available in this year’s MLB free agent class. He has the potential to be the best shortstop of the modern era depending on where he signs. Last season, Correa hit .279 to go along with 26 HR’s and 92 RBI’s. He has been a beneficial part of the Astros lineup for the past seven seasons. We need to know if he is staying or if he is leaving. Will Houston answer his asking price? I personally don’t think Houston is even going to be in the running for him. I think there are three teams that is in the running to get the MLB’s best free agent Carlos Correa. Those three teams are the Yankees, the Tigers and Mariners.

Prediction: Correa Signs For 10 Years $325 Million With The Tigers.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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